Join a Swedish kräftskiva

Join a Swedish kräftskiva

Experience the late summer festival - the Swedish kräftskiva!

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Join a Swedish Kräftskiva

Join a Swedish Kräftskiva, the traditional Swedish Crayfish party is a family and friends matter. If you have access to fishing waters you fish your own crayfish. Most Swedish families would buy the delicacies in a shop.

The Cray fish party offers a  genuine Swedish feast! ;  Crayfish, Västerbotten pie (typical Swedish cheese pie) and of course Swedish seasoned vodka and beer. The kräftskiva season is in August and September.

Traditional drinking songs and other folk songs will be sung during the dinner.

The story of the Kräftpremiär and the Crayfish party

Where and when can you fish

The Crayfish party and fishing premier is  on August 7. The special date is due to the an old ban on  crayfish  fishing between November and August 7. Traditionally, crayfish fishing begins on August 7 at 5 pm. In 1994, the ban on cancer fishing was completely removed, but most people in our country still choose to start crayfish eating in early August.

For more on permission to fish crayfish in Sweden. To fish you should a licence or be the owner of your own fishing waters.  However in the Great Lake Vättern the general population might fish without permission during a short period of time.  There are a series of rules and regulation how to fish. ( the link is to a Swedish page). Please contact fishing organisations or guides to find out more.

The traditional Crayfish party, history and today.

The premier day, August 7th,  is the start of a people starting to arrange parties in Sweden. Once a year the Swedes get together and eat crayfish and drink snaps. This tradition  started in the beginning of the  the 20th century.

In earlier days,  crayfish was not that popular among common people. Some devout people would eat it as part of a fasting diet.The eating of crayfish has a longer tradition among the “upper classes” at feast and special occasions such as weddings. However, the crayfish were not eaten whole and cold, but as the main ingredient in different kinds of stews and stews. Later on the Swedes started to eat the whole cooked crayfish. However, the dish was served hot. Towards the end of the 19th century the crayfish were allowed to cool in their own shovel, the way we would eat them today. The crayfish party is a festivity strongly connected to the Swedish identity.

Vättern and Göta Kanal

The waters of Vättern offers delicious Crayfish. You can also find food entrepreneurs offering crayfish tasting  with catch  from the small er lakes.


Småland is a region with many lakes and there are several resorts offering crayfish fishing and tasting.