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Fish your own dinner at Ödevata Fishing Camp

Fishing and motor home parking

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Motorhome parkingYes

Ödevata Fishing Camp is an angler’s paradise with very good conditions for catching pike and perch. You can rent a (motor-)boat to explore the best fishing spots of lake Ödevaten or try your luck at one of the multiple lakes of the region.

There are many good reasons to go fishing. One certainly is to fix your own dinner! Ödevata offers a fireplace and a Barbecue-hut where guests can taste the flavour of a meal in the wilderness. Spend the evening by the lake, gaze at the stars in a dark heaven and sleep undisturbed during the night in this incredibly quiet neighbourhood. You will wake up surrounded by a beautiful natural scenery.

New day, new adventures, – whether you go fishing or rent a kayak, canoe or rowing boat. If you would like to try the Nordic wood-heated sauna, Ödevata offers a traditional sauna-barrel – placed at the very shore of the lake!

Park your motorhome overnight on the farm camping.

Ödevata is situated in eastern Småland, less than an hour from the coast of the Baltic Sea.