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Swedish forests, design and culture in the Kingdom of Glass

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Culture in Kingdom of Crystal (Glasriket)

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The people of Småland are proud of their development from an emigration country to a hub for manufacturing, design and artwork in glas.

Discover the creative businesses and the everyday culture. Get to know local people that tell and show you their culture. Tag culture experiences. Learn more about Swedish industrial and design history.


In a region full of countrysides, lakes and forests, you are never far away from great outdoor experiences. Great cycling in Glasriket. Indeed a true heritage route, from village to village. Park at Ödevata Fiskecamp by the lake Ödevata. Go fishing or experience the Swedish sauna culture. 

Glassworks and artists

Glass has been made in Småland since 1742. At the peak, at the end of the 19th century there were over 45 glassworks operating. Today you can find around 13 glassworks in the region, as well as glass studios in different villages and towns offering events, shopping and activities, such as glassblowing and museums.

In the village Boda in Emmaboda municipality, you will find the Glass Factory, an active glassworks with a beautiful museum, shop and activities for all ages.

In the same village there are many artists running their workshop and studios. Spend a day with the artist in an atelier.

The Elk/ Moose and other animals

Wildlife in the forest of Småland is protected under laws and regulations.  Walking in the forests or driving on the countryside lanes, there is a great possibility that you might come across and Elk or a Moose. A popular way to get to know this impressive animal is to visit a Moose Park.

The Forest, landscapes and design

The forest has been an important source of income and energy for the region. The lanscapes have inspired designers and manufactures making Småland known for it glass, furniture, leather goods etc.

Guides will lead you into the forest to pick mushroom, berries and spruceresin.

Make your own products out of spruceresin.

Coffee breaks a Swedish tradition

There are many small cafés and shops where you can buy handcrafts and explore the Swedish coffee culture and history.

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Shopping, Design and Glass-blowing

Spend a shopping day in the village of Målerås. Combine outdoor with shopping leather craft or glass art. Try glass-blowing at one of the glassworks in “Glasriket”.

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