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Living History in a Swedish village

Living History and local historians

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Are you interested in local history and genealogy? Do you have Swedish ancestry? Find a Swedish village that is passionate about its history. Get in contact with a local group of aficionados and historians working to perserve and develop the local culture. Contact a local Swedish professional genealogist to find out more about your Swedish roots.

Feel the current and post history of a crystal village in Glasriket Småland

Visit Målerås,  small village in the heart of Glasriket / the Kingdom of Cristal. A close-knit glas-work community that will take care of you, show you around and show hospitality.

Above all the village has Glas production has its roots in 1800 century industrial development strategies. Back then, the regional governments wanted to start industries and gave away forest land to set up glas factories.

The village is still today hub for production,  in crystal but also in leatherwear.

The forest, the lakes and the nearby river Lagan are still a major nature resources for the village as it provide as excellent grounds for hiking, biking trails  and fishing.

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Local history and genealogy

All around Sweden you have people and organisations studying the history of families, villages and farms. There are study and research genealogy groups and over 2000 local village history associations ( hembygdsföreningar).

In for example Knäred in the municipality of Laholm in Halland you can visit the local “Forskarring & Hembygdsförening” if you are into local history and genealogy and if you want to meet up with local historians.

Join your extended family for a “släktträff” or a family reunion with outdoor cooking, fishing and wood-burned sauna at Ödevata countryside hotel, a resort with a long history that is perserved through recycling projects.


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Please find information and text about Swedish from Farm to Plate culture.  Find destinations and Swedish countryside resorts preserving and innovating around Swedish gardening and small scale homestead cultivation traditions.

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