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Saving Our Future with Sustainable Living and Travelling

Exploring Sustainable living and travelling

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Hi, we are Jules Lecuir and Florine Serrault.

I, Jules, am an IT student currently on my Strategic Sustainability exchange program in
Sweden. My girlfriend, Florine, is studying Global Sustainability in Poland. Some many find it unusual for an IT student to study Strategic Sustainability. But no matter where you are from, there is one thing you and I have in common. It is that the environment is a huge part of our lives. As the environment worsens, there is a need to protect it with sustainable living and travelling. Everything we do, such as our food choices, all have some sort of impact on sustainability. Big businesses are also trying to adapt more sustainable practices. Sustainability is slowly becoming their top priority as consumer demand increases.

I wanted to see how what I studied is put into practice. I want to connect the theories with practice
to further advance my studies. This is my journey of discovering more about how countries are walking the sustainable living and tourism talk.

Of course some countries are more ahead dealing with sustainability than others. Countries like
Sweden put sustainability high on their agenda. In Sweden, many supermarkets started to use
vacuum food packaging to reduce waste. But exactly how far have they come? What practices are in
place? I want to find out how Sweden, country that puts sustainability as their top priority, is living
and travelling sustainably.

Our Sustainability Trip

This is the introduction to our new series about looking for sustainable living and tourism. We are
visiting small Swedish countryside businesses, and landowners to find out what they are doing for

Our journey started when I recently read about Visit Sweden introducing “Sweden on Airbnb” and
“Edible Country” as ways to attract tourists. My initial thought was, “This is an innovative way to
increase Sweden’s tourism”. However, the more I thought about my studies I realized that there´s
more to Edible Country. Since my girlfriend is visiting Sweden, I thought this would be a great
opportunity to learn more Sweden’s take on sustainability.

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To my surprise, my landlady, Iwona, happens to work with sustainable Swedish tourism. She told us so much about sustainable living and tourism and recommended that we contact the GoNatureTrip digital network. It is a group of small businesses involved in tourism working together to establish sustainable living and tourism. The companies came together when they were unhappy with Sweden’s current policies. So we planned our trip based on the GoNatureTrip digital network.

Our first stop was a small countryside café and praline shop. Their homemade environmental
chocolates were amazing. It was nothing like anything I tasted before. We talked with the owner,
Christa, about Edible Country and she told us how GoNatureTrip is great for testing new sustainable ideas. She said that Ödevata Countryside Hotels, where we are heading next, is very involved in sustainable living, farming and Edible Country. They are the perfect stop to learn about Sweden’s sustainability.

To follow our Go Nature Trip journey and findings please find all our articles in the link.