Ccountryside holiday Småland

Countryside holiday Småland

A perfect choice for a nature holiday

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Author: Eva Oscarsson, coordinator GoNatureTrip with family and friends in Småland


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Description: The family of my husband all come from Småland. When I started to work in tourism I discovered this region of Sweden more and more.

Countryside holiday Småland is a great way to discover Sweden. With the Go Nature Trip companies and resorts you can go on a countryside holiday roundtrip. Nature is all around us in Sweden.

This article will focus on resorts offering overnight parking on their farms for motorhome travellers.

Countryside holiday Småland- regions and resorts

The region of Kalmar

If you travel down the Baltic coast or perhaps you are crossing Småland from the inland to the east coast towards Kalmar. Whichever way you go, you should stop and visit Ödevata Fiskecamp on your nature trip in Sweden. Ödevata Fiskecamp is truly the green holiday alternative.

You will find the resort, in the municipality of Emmaboda on the shore of the Swedish Lake Ödevaten. The Swedish forest is all around you. Ödevata fiskecamp is in a green farmstead made into a small village.  Experience the green holiday alternative such as  Fish your own dinner in the lake or compose your lunch with fresh fish from the aquaponic tanks. Enjoy outdoor cooking on their biochar outdoor grill.

Above all, Malin and Magnus are happy to tell you about biochar and other green projects. They are true environment aficionados.  Maybe you would like to bring back home a sack of biochar. Great for your vegetable garden.

Enjoy the region, The Kingdom of Glass. This is a land rich in history, well-known for its glassworks and 1900 century migration stories.  As a result you can follow the emigrant trail in Sweden. You will find great south Sweden hiking in Småland.

The Great Lake Vättern

Another great destination is the Great Lake Vättern.  On the southern shores of the this great Swedish lake you will find the county of Jönköping . A region that offers great countryside holidays.  Jönköping is a great starting point  if you wish  to explore Swedish farmland. Spend a day or two in the  a Vättern biosphere reserve Östra Vätternbranterna.

The public transport on the countryside is not great and for that reason we suggest you to go by motorhome, bike or car to travel and explore the hills, lakes and landscapes around Jönköping.  You can rent a bike or a motorhome.

Whichever way you choose to explore, the Shores of the great Lake Vättern, the hills of Östra Vätternbranterna or the forests of the many nature reserves, do not forget to make a stop in Adelöv and the beautiful 18th century farm Hemma på Hult.

The Clean Eating Trip

Sweden is perfect for a go nature holiday.  In contrast, the countryside is still quite underdeveloped for gourmet lovers. For that reason, we recommend Explore Småland a true natural choice for foodies. The resort offers not only  outdoor, culture but also green cooking and living.

Chatrine and Johan are building a homestead for food and outdoor lovers.

Furthermore, Chatrine will serve dishes with products from nearby farmers and their own vegetable garden. Above all, the philosophy no waste and delicious food is very much alive on the farm.  Check out their green clean eating alternative, a gourmet trip in time and with all senses.  Finally try outdoor cooking on the biochar outdoor grill.