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Camping Småland: A great choice for green holiday

Camping Småland

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Author: Michael Li , content contributor to GoNatureTrip


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Description: There are many campings or scenic overnight parking in Sweden, find the ones that you like the most.

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Camping and Sweden

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Camping is very popular with long tradition in Sweden and is considered the best choice for an affordable green holiday. Green holiday is a part of sustainable tourism. It refers to tourists and local businesses exercise responsible travel practices that pay attention to environmental, social and economic sustainability. Going on a camping holiday emits significantly less CO2 than other forms of holiday. Naturally, we wanted to try out camping as a part of our green holiday trip in Sweden. Luckily, we were in Småland, which is known for beautiful nature camping next to beautiful lakes and sustainable tourism. We were told about Camping Småland website, where we could find more information about camping in Småland.

On Camping Småland website, there are campsites of different sizes and capabilities. Such as, family- run campsites in small towns and villages or larger district operated campsites. Most camping places in Småland are near a lake or forest. On a typical campsite, there are rooms, cabins of different sizes, and overnight tenting and motorhome spots.

Our camping spot: Habo Camping

habo camping overview lake vattern green sweden

We were worried about not finding any open campsites because of winter. To our surprise, there are many year-round campsites on Camping Småland website and we were able to book one. We ended up staying in a cabin at Habo Camping.

We received a warm welcome when we arrived at Habo Camping by Rob and Nellie, the owners. The camping is located next to Vättern, Sweden’s second biggest lake. Later in the evening, we had some time to reflect. Sustainable tourism overall is still a novel idea. Florine and I were surprised that not many were aware of green holiday. France, where I are from, is taking steps towards raising sustainable tourism awareness . This includes initiatives like Eco-responsible accommodation by Paris Tourist Bureau. Florine and I believe the push for sustainable tourism is necessary and we have a feeling that’s what Camping Småland is trying to achieve.

Camping Småland: keeping the countryside tourism alive

wild moose safari habo camping eco tourism

Camping Småland campsites are Eco-friendly by reusing as much as they could and source from local producers. Another highlight they are doing for sustainable tourism is Moose Safari. Since most campsites are surrounded by nature, wildlife is everywhere. At some campsites, like Habo Camping, spotting wild moose is not that uncommon. However, instead of caging moose and put them in a zoo, campsites are offering wild moose safari tours. They use Eco-friendly tractors to carry visitors into the forests to observe wild moose in their natural habitat. They don’t disturb the moose or interfere in any way, like building a park and such. There’s nothing more fun and adventurous than crossing paths with magnificent wild moose. Going on a safari is more than seeing moose, it is also about getting to know the local culture.

Camping Småland is working to keep the countryside tourism alive. They are encouraging more people to go on green holidays and enjoy camping by lakes. Going on a green holiday doesn’t mean you would enjoy it less. To those who are skeptical about a green holiday, I suggest you to read about our green trip in Sweden. It isn’t just about reducing carbon footprint.

Camping in Sweden, better than expected

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Many Camping Småland campsites are located near a town or city, so you can walk or bike there. Camping in Småland doesn’t mean you would be isolated from civilization and endure harsh living conditions. It is quite the opposite. There are many different types of accommodations, so you can choose according to your comfort level. There are many activities to do, especially when camping by a lake. You could go kayaking, fish, swim or hike around the lake. The campsites are developed, so you wouldn’t have to worry much. Overall, we think camping in Småland is more like glamping.

When people mention camping, you might think of a tent, staying in the forest for days and eat only canned food. Camping in Småland has gone a long way, it has improved over the years. We even had our doubts about staying on a campsite. But, it turns out to be a highlight of our trip.

As our journey comes to an end, we, Florine and Jules, would like thank everybody that read and shared our story. It has been truly amazing.