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Experience a maximum in South of Sweden. Travel to our partners and enjoy the Local Green Trip resorts offering the best of Sweden. Support their efforts to create local business life (countryside development) and their environmental work.

Respecting and protecting the Swedish Public Access-  Allemansrätten

Outdoor cooking and making fires

During the 2018 dry summer there were fire restrictions in almost all counties and municipalities in Sweden. Some of these restrictions are still valid in some regions due to the dry grass and vegetation in the meadows and forests.

When there is s total fire ban, it  also includes specially prepared barbecue areas and portable stoves designed to be used outdoors, for example Trangia and gas kitchens.

Many resorts have their own safe outdoor cooking facilities or they offer other ways to enjoy outdoor cooking life. For great food and outdoor experiences check out The local farm holiday  and what they have to offer. If you are on a camping or a resort, ask the staff if it is ok to grill and if yes which areas are safe. Have water at hand if you need to extinguish the fire.

The rescue services, however, advise against all barbecuing when there is a extreme drought.

For more information pls. check the county you are in

On the website, the general public can get advice and updated information on occurrences and crises from local, regional and national authorities.