What to buy in Sweden for gifts? Give away a Swedish experience

What to buy in Sweden for gifts? Give away a Swedish experience instead!

Gift of learning or trying something new.

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Description: Heritage, history and handicraft. Create memories.

Perhaps you want to give your family and friends something special? Tired of the same old gifts? What to buy in Sweden for gifts? Why not give your loved ones the experience you had in Sweden! Maybe they will be interested in exploring Swedish history, lifestyle, delicacies and heritage? Perhaps you are interested in the vikings? Give your loved ones the greatest gift of learning or trying something new.

Give away an experience in Sweden as your gift instead. Depending on where you travel, you will find different items to buy or experiences to try out. For me, one of my favorite gifts was a guided hike in a old-growth forest in Dalarna.

1. Sweden’s industrial heritage tour

Sweden has a long history of iron works and mining. All over Sweden, in villages and the countryside, you can visit old time iron works and mines. These are nowadays tourist destination offering a glimpse of the long Swedish industrial history. The nature is stunning with vast forests and lakes.

Rent a motorhome to experience Västermanland sweden gift

2. Rent a motorhome to experience Västermanland, a region in Sweden with many ironworks and silver mines

Västmanland County is a county in central Sweden, not so far away from Stockholm. It is a county with a long industrial tradition. The main cities are Västerås, Arboga and Sala.

Below are different heritage industrial sites you can visit and buy a tour of. In addition, some of these sites also sell handicraft and food based on old craft and traditions. There are also many countryside shops you can visit. There are several overnight motorhome parking sites in Bergslagen and beyond.

The Norberg rock formation made it possible to carry out iron ore mining in Sweden already in the 12th century. From the 13th century, it was already a flourishing export industry in Sweden and Bergslagen has the oldest examples of blast furnaces in Europe. In this Swedish mining district there are also historic silver mines. All over the region there are parking for motorhomes.

Give away a motorhome experience in Sweden here!

a. Visit the “New Lapphyttan” and medieval iron production site

In the village of Olsbenning (municipality of Norberg) archaeologist have found complete medieval iron production site (Lapphyttan).

The area is today a popular destination if you are interested in medieval times in the Swedish region of Bergslagen. In their visitor center you can buy souvenirs and see exhibitions. At the adjacent Hembygdsgården, you can learn more about the culture.

In the area around Engelsberg, iron making have taken place for thousand of years. There are various traces of prehistoric iron making. The raw material was lake and bog ore. Nevertheless, iron mining started in the 11th and 12th centuries. Archaeological investigations have shown that the first iron cabin in Engelsberg was built during the first half of the 14th century.

The Engelsbergs mill and ironwork is a world heritage site. Back in the 1680s it was one of the most modern mills. Engelsberg’s mill is an important industrial heritage site and is privately owned. The foundation Nordstjernan is the owner. Contact them for visitation and more.

b. Västmanland, silver mining and production of silver

Other regions with long tradition of iron, silver and metal work is Gävleborg and Värmland. In Gävleborg you can visit the ironwork Högbobruk and in Värmland you can hike along the silver trail in the munciaplity of Grums. There is overnight motorhome parking close to the heritage sites.

Successful Swedish farmers often invested their money in handicraft. At the farms and in the towns nearby, you could find skilled craftsmen and carpenters working in wood. One region with beautiful wood work is Hälsingland.

If you are interested in Sami art, you can find handicraft at Grövelsjöfjället (the Grövel lake mountain).

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3. Activity gifts and creating memories with whisky

Perhaps they are not so much into history and heritage. A simpler gift would be to give them something to add on to their photo album of interesting things they have tried out. This is why you can give them a visit to a Swedish whisky distillery. However, the distillery can’t sell whiskey bottles (Swedish regulation on alcohol sales), but they can try the whisky in the bar. There are two places that is recommended:

4. A wood burning sauna on a raft in a lake experience

Another great gift is to give is a wood burning sauna on a raft experience. Float on a lake and enjoy a Swedish sauna on a lake in Southern Sweden or close to Stockholm in Roslagen.

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