South Sweden countryside camper trip

Stay on a farm on your Swedish countryside motorhome trip

Swedish countryside motorhome trip

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Description: Farm stay Swedish countryside motorhome trip

Countryside and Swedish lifestyle on your motorhome trip

For your South Sweden countryside camper trip stay on a farm . To truly enjoy  Swedish countryside a farm stay is an easy choice. In addition, today you can also choose to stay overnight at marinas, outside restaurants, at mansions and countryside hotels and golf courses.

Wherever you choose to travel in Sweden you will come across stunning nature, nature reserves and geological nature sites. Today it is also easy to rent a motorhome from Stockholm, Gothenburg and Lapland.

Farms in Sweden and country life the history

Sweden is a country with beautiful countryside and farmsteads. In the Swedish agriculture landscape you will enjoy the farm buildings, the farmland, the meadows and the coniferous forest.

To understand the characteristics of the Swedish countryside (the buildings and farmland) it is important to understand the distribution and redistribution of land holdings that took place over the centuries. Distribution of land is something that started already in the middle ages and culminated in the middle of 1900 century where many farmhouses were moved from villages to the farmland.

A typical farmstead usually contains several buildings. The way the farmers built has differed over the centuries and depended regulations, principles, needs of the farmers and trends. In periods of great economic growth, the main building became more manor like. This main building was somewhat separated from the working buildings such as barns, stable and storehouses.

Today’s farm buildings are a product of the development and trends of agricultural sector that took place between 1880 and 1930. Namely, the industrial revolution and the consequent Swedish economic upswing. Agricultural become an industry. The more modernized farms could build bigger barns gathering many of the needs (keeping animals, storage etc) in the same building or barn.

The farms today, often a family business

Many of farmsteads have been in a family´s ownership for generations. Nevertheless, many farmers are looking to stay on the homestead while leaving the farming life behind. As we all know farming is a risky business despite subsidies from the EU. The newer generations of farmers are looking to diversify. Many farmers combine tourism with farming.

In addition, there is an increasing number of people moving from the cities to the countryside. These dwellers are looking to combine an off the grid lifestyle with some kind of business. Sometimes they look for working in neighboring towns and every so often, to make it work, they also a small business in tourism.

The farms are often beautifully situated in a stunning landscape and often close to a lake. The life-quality is exceptional if you like outdoors and nature.

Farms with overnight motorhome parking in Småland in the south of Sweden

Småland is a big region in South Sweden consisting of the countries Jönköping, Kalmar and Kronoberg

The county of Jönköping

In Värnamo, off the road 27 there is the farmstead “Böttemåla Gård”. “Getaryggarna” is a scenic road that takes you through stunning woodlands, a ridge, older wooden red houses nature reserves and lakes. Along this picturesque countryside lane, you finally reach the farmstead Böttemåla that offers overnight parking for motorhome.  Enjoy countryside life with beautiful hikes, fishing in the ponds or visit the henhouse. You have access to electricity, WC, shower, and fresh water.

The county of Kronoberg

Go a bit further south and just before you reach the town Ljungby you arrive to the farmstead Kasteberg. Stay overnight with your motorhome: and enjoy farm life. You will be parking your motorhome in a great agricultural landscape amid the great forests of Småland.

The county of Kalmar – The municipality of Vånevik

In old times this area of Kalmar County was called Ryssby.  The name was mentioned in written documents for the first time in 1336. It stems from the old Swedish word “ryd” which means grubbing. Vånevik was until the late 1950se a central point for the stone industry in Kalmar County, which you can see in the landscape.

Here you can find quarries of different sizes,, old transport routes, quays and loading docks. The buildings often have a history connected to people that worked in and managed the stone industry. If you want to hike and at the same time explore the history of the stone industry there is a walking trail between.

Påskallavik to Näset is called” Stenhuggarlederna”. There are 15 sites where, with a QR code, you can learn more about the area and its people.

Näset is a narrow headland northeast of Vånevik, a peaceful nature site by the Baltic Sea. In this beautiful area you find he farm Vånevik gård. The farm hosts overnight motorhome parking in a beautiful nature site on their land. They call it the “Hermit site“ and it is apt for 2 small or medium-sized motorhomes.

Your overnight stay is In the middle of the forest with a view of the Kalmar strait. You can see all the way to the mystical island of Blåa Jungfrun (the Blue Maiden island). The island is in reality a granite dome that rises 86 meters above the sea in the middle of the Kalmar straight. Today it is a national park.

Farm holiday

The island of Öland

Another must when you visit Sweden is the island of Öland. This is truly a special experience. You are amid a south Swedish cultural landscape. At the farm Skedemosse gård there are 10 overnight parking pitches for motorhome. There are few services available but hey you are in the countryside.

Spend some time in county of Västra götaland on your motorhome trip

The Västra Götaland County is the second biggest in Sweden in terms of population. It comprises in total 49 municipalities and the capital is the city of Gothenburg. Västra Götaland has both coastal and inland sites to visit. The big lake Vänern and the biosphere reserve Kinnekulle are popular sites among visitors There are many well-known waterfront locations but less known is the inland.

Not far from the lake Vättern is the small location Grästorp. Here you can stay overnight with your motorhome at the farm Brännebacka Gård! Countryside living with full service for motorhome travelers. There are showers, WC, empty grey water and latrine, tanking of fresh water as well as access to electricity. If you arrive with a dog, there is a meadow especially for your pet.

Dingle is a small location in the In the municipality of Munkedal in Bohuslän. There is a railway station and a lot of beautiful countryside. At the farm Bergs Gård there are 10 motorhomes pitches in a meadow. It is truly countryside, and you will hear the animals and the farming machines. Nevertheless, you will have a breath-taking view of agriculture landscape. It is a family run farm and perfect stay if you like peace and quiet.

Diocesan farms on South Sweden countryside camper trip 

A very different experience is to park overnight with your motorhome at diocesan farm. In Västergötland you can stay overnight at Flämslätt. The site is by the lake Flämsjön, The diocesan farms are run by Dioceses of Church of Sweden. There are 17 such diocesan farms in Sweden. It is primarily a meeting place with accommodation. Flamsslätt have a hotel and hostel accommodation as well as motorhome overnight parking with comprehensive services.

In the same area you have the farmstead Mellomgården outside the locality Varnhem. At this resort you can enjoy a delicious lunch or just have a coffee in the café. Nice view of the lake Hornborgasjön, Billingen and Mösseberg.

From both farms you can easily explore on foot the Valle region. On the slopes of the Table Mountain Billingen you can see the traces of the inland ice. It is a landscape with many lakes and hilly landscape. In May you can see more than 10,000 cherry trees are in bloom

Östergötland is typically the county you would cross when you are on your way to Stockholm. However, the county has beautiful nature sites, archipelago and even some old growth forest. The capital is Linköping, a city with important industry and university.

Close to Linköping you can park overnight with your motorhome at diocesan farm Vårdnäs. Here you find three motorhome parking pitches with electricity.

Stay on a farm close to Stockholm

Northeast of Stockholm in the bay of Norrtälje ( The Baltic sea)  you can visit many coastal location such as Gräddö, Väddö and Björkö. Väddö and the adjoined Björkö are together the seventh largest island of Sweden. Väddö is separated from the mainland by the man-made Väddö Canal.

You are in the midst of the beautiful nature of the archipelago in Roslagen. These locaction has for the last century or so been a popular tourist destination for people from Stockholm and beyond. Here you can find overnight motorhome parking at local farmsteads. One is Väddö Dairy farm. To get a real feeling for farm life and cattle keeping you can park the motorhome in the meadow

Another site with overnight parking for motorhome is Hagsta Gård, situated in the small locality of Södra Råda, by the lake Rådasjön.