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Sea View Motorhome Sites In Sweden┃Marinas & Ports

Boatlife, motorhome and Swedish coastline

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Description: Motorhome pitches Sweden coastline

Marinas and guest ports with motorhome pitches

If you love marine life, then you will find excellent motorhome sites at many marinas and ports in Sweden, especially along the Swedish coastline. In this article, we will list some of the best locations. From just south of the Stockholm Metropolitan area, all the way along the south Sweden coastline to the north of Gothenburg. Renting a motorhome is the perfect way to cruise along the Swedish coastline.

Sites in southern Sweden

1. Sandhamn Marine, Blekinge

  • Voted to be among the 25 most beautiful motorhome sites/camp site in Sweden 2020, 2021 and 2022.
  • Located at the peninsula Torhamn with stunning nature.
  • Pitches situated in the Marina area with view of the shore.

The Peninsula Torhamn hosts beaches, a harbor with picturesque fisherman sheds, jetties and a café. The marina has a reception and a small shop. There is a service building with WC, showers and laundry room.

You can also rent bikes, and there is WiFi. It is not possible to pre-book the motorhome pitches. You get to choose a spot with or without access to electricity. There is possibility to empty your grey water on the premises. You can pay with card or cash on the spot, or use the app GoMarina. 

2. Karlskrona City Marina, Blekinge

  • Located in the center of Karlskrona, 300 m to Stortorget (the main square).
  • Exact address is Skeppsbrokajen 4
  • Waterfront overnight parking available the whole year round.

Blekinge is Sweden’s southernmost county with a stunning archipelago that consists of 1,650 islands and islets. The capital of Blekinge is Karlskrona, and it has a historical military harbor. Wherever you go you are reminded of the history of Sweden and the Baltic sea. At Karlskrona City Marina you will find several waterfront motorhome and camper sites.

There you will have access to electricity, water, WiFi, and opportunity to empty latrine and grey water tanks. During high season, there are extra pitches available, however, they are without electricity, you will still have access to the service facilities.  You can pay at the payment machine outside the service house or via the app GoMarina. The price includes all services.

Sea View Motorhome Sites In Sweden

3. Ronnby Marina, Ronneby

  • Meeting point for locals.
  • Point of connection for ferries Karlskrona-Ronneby-Karlshamn.
  • Fresh fish sold by fisherman.

Ronneby is a small town with a long history of both fishing industry and tourism. In the marina you will find overnight motorhome pitches, in total there are 38 and all of them has electricity. There is a service house where you have access to fresh water. To empty grey water and latrine tanks, please go to Rönninge. You will pay on arrival.

The Baltic east coast from Kalmar to Stockholm 

4. Kalmar Guest Marina, City of Kalmar 

  • Kalmar is a popular tourist city on the Baltic Sea, in southeast Sweden.
  • Historic old city with a beautiful city garden.
  • Beautiful archipelago.

The Guest Marina in Kalmar offers popular pitches in the middle of town, at Ölandskajen. It is next to Kalmar Guest Harbor and Kalmar Tourist Center. The spots can’t be pre-booked. You have access to a service building with a shower, WC, sauna, and laundry facilities. Electricity and WiFi are included in the price. You can pay at the tourist center, if closed you can call the phone number at the entrance door.

5. Mönsterås

  • A lesser-known destination on Swedish Baltic Sea Coast. 
  • Get to know the archipelago of the County of Kalmar.
  • In Mönsterås, there are at least three marinas with motorhome sites.

Mönsterås, a former market town on the Swedish Baltic Sea coast in Kalmar County. It is a location that attracts few tourists and visitors in the summer. There are several places to overnight park your motorhome, in the town center, waterfront view parking, or at other nature sites.

The municipality offers motorhome pitches at the harbor with service facilities. You can’t pre-book anything. The pitches have access to electricity.

Lakhamn is another marina run by Mönsterås BK with service facilities, as well as activities for the whole family. Another option would be if you are looking for a more convenient place is the Södra Kajen gästhamn harbor. Here you are close to the town center, restaurants, shops, and can do many recreational activities.

Motorhome pitches Marina and Ports Sweden

6. Trosa Gästhamn & Ställplats, Trosa  

  • Trosa municipality is in Södermanland County in southeast Sweden.
  • A picturesque coastal town. 
  • The guest harbor (Gästhamnen) is a meeting place in summer.

On your way from or to Stockholm, you can make a stop at the coastal town Trosa. The town center is charming with narrow alleys, low wooden buildings, and small shops. The harbor is a popular meeting place for the locals. There you will find several motorhome spots. During summer time, there are services such as access to fresh water, and a place to empty grey water and the latrine tank.

The island of Öland – Sweden’s finest

7. Kårehamn ställplats, Borgholm, Öland

  • A marina on the east coast of the island of Öland.
  • A restaurant with a small shop selling fish and seafood.
  • Calm and peaceful region.

There are in total 45 motorhome pitches, of which 30 have connection to electricity. There is a service house with WC and showers. You can empty the latrine and grey water tanks here. You can also fill your fresh water tank near the recreational area for swimming. Walking distance to a small supermarket, and close to the Petgärde wetland, a perfect place for bird lovers. You can pay with the Swedish payment system Swish or cash to the marina manager.

8. Stora Rör, island of Öland 

  • Idyllic village on Öland’s west coast, with a long history as an old ferry port.
  • Today the port is a fishing and leisure marina.
  • Perfect if you want an active holiday.

An tranquil summer destination on the island of Öland. A perfect destination for families who want an active holiday filled with cycling, hiking, paddle tennis, and golf etc. There are motorhome spots for up to 10 motorhomes with electricity. WC, showers, and sauna is in the service house. Close to restaurants with entertainment in the summer, and bakery with fresh bread and Swedish pastry. There is also a small grocery shop nearby. 

kids children swimming port summer hot

The west coast – South of Gothenburg in the county of Halland

9. Halmstads Segelsällskap, Halmstad

  • An historical important city in the county of Halland on the Swedish west coast.
  • A coastal city with a historic city center. 
  • Refreshing baths and nature sites.

Halmstad is an important recreational and industrial city in Halland, historically and today as well. It has a decent port, but is also a university city. Halmstad is the capital of Halland County.

Close to Halmstand, you will find lovely beaches and nature. It is a great summer city. The sailing association of Halmstand offer 30 spots for motorhomes in the port area.  Pre-booking is not possible. You have access to fresh water, electricity, WC, and showers within the port area. Payment is done on the machine outside the club house. The port has WiFi, and you can empty your latrine tank. Cafes, restaurants, and grocery shops close by. Local bus stops in the area.

10. Varberg guest port, Varberg, Halland

  • Quaint town in the county of Halland. 70 km from Gothenburg.
  • A coastal city known for beaches and summer fun.
  • Refreshing baths and surrounded by nature.

Varberg is considered a cozy and charming town with a great seafront. There is a long pier building with a “cold bath house”, where there is sauna and refreshing baths the whole year round. The guest port has 18 motorhome pitches.

There are service facilities such as WC, showers, laundry room, and bike rental. There is electricity, but it is restricted. You can empty your latrine and grey water tanks at another location, namely at “Naturums“ camper site 1 km away. No pre-booking. Payment is done on site on the payment machine.

Greater Gothenburg region 

11. Näsets Marina/camper site, Västra Frölunda, city of Gothenburg

  • Centric marina in Västra Frölunda Gothenburg.
  • Close to city of Gothenburg.
  • Large marina with many boats if you like boat life.

You can park your motorhome inside the marina with a view of the harbor. The Camper site is open from June 20th to August 20th. Electricity is available if you have approved cables. You can’t pre-book the pitches. There is also security cameras and security staff. WC available. You pay in cash or if you have a Swedish bank account, by Swish.

12. Björkö Marina/camper site, Bohus Björkö

  • Marina Björkö, Gothenburg archipelago.
  • Ferries from Lilla Varholmen. No fee and 6 minutes ride on the ferry.
  • Small and oozy. 

Bohus- Björkö is one of ten islands in the municipality of Öckerö. It is a part of the Gothenburg archipelago (Rörö, Hyppeln, Knippla, Hälsö, Öckerö, Hönö, Fotö, Björkö, Kalvsund, Grötö, Vinga).

To reach the island, take a ferry from Lilla Varholmen. Go towards Hisingen/Öckerö on road 155.

There are in total 30 motorhome spots, of which only 5 can be pre-booked. To have access to electricity and the service house, you need to buy a service code. You will then have access to WC, showers, and a laundry room, as well as access to empty the latrine tank.

diving water sea jumping dock jetty

13. Öckerö Marina/camper site, Öckerö

  • Öckerö, Gothenburg archipelago.
  • Ferries from Lilla Varholmen. No fee and 6 minutes ride on the ferry.
  • Peaceful and beautiful.

Öckerö consists of 10 islands. There is no bridge going to the island, so you need to take a ferry. The Ferries are free of charge. There are other islands that are connected by bridges, namely Hönö, Fotö and Hälsö. To reach the islands Nordöarna Knippla, Hyppeln, and Rörö, you need to take another ferry from Hälsö. You can also reach the islands Kalvsund, Grötö, and Björkö from Öckerä with ferries that are run by  Västtrafiks (the public transport in the greater Gothenburg region).

In the marina, you can find bike rentals, a jetty with a swimming area, saunas (that you can rent), and boule pitches. There is also a harbor café/bar. The motorhome sites are open from the end of April to the end of September with full service. For rest of the season the service is limited as the area is needed for parked boats. Pre-booking is only for participants in local events.

There are two areas, area A which is in connected with the fishing harbor and the guest marina with 25 charming motorhome pitches with views of the marina.

Area B is an additional 20 spots in an area which is calmer and more secluded. Close to the swimming area with a jetty. 

Both areas have access to WiFi. Electricity at pitches are 220 v. 10-16 amp. You need a service card that you can buy at the machines at the marina office. Extra long cables are in the service house, where  you will also find showers, WC and laundry facilities. You can empty grey water here too.

The west coast – North of Gothenburg 

14. Mossholmen, island of Tjörn

  • A family-friendly place on the island of Tjörn.
  • Restaurants and grocery shops within walking distance.
  • Close to scenic location of Klädesholmen.

If you want to park close to the water and get a feeling for Swedish boat life, you can park overnight at Mossholmen marina. It is calm and family-friendly located on the west side of the island of Tjörn, close to the bridge to Klädesholmen.

There is a service house, a reception office, and a small shop. There is also a small swimming area. You are within walking distance from restaurants, grocery shops, and other fun activities. Good security within the area with cameras. There are in total 8 motorhome spots and you can’t pre-book. 

For more tips on motorhome parking in unique nature settings and routes

We have also put together a text with tips for motorhome routes and overnight parking in one of the many biosphere reserves in Sweden.

Marinas with overnight opportunity and outdoor sports

More and more marinas and ports offer outdoor sports such as, boule and pétanque, as well as paddle tennis.