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Description: Short on Sweden´s sport and outdoor life style explained

Sport holiday Sweden! You might not think of Sweden first when searching for sports holidays for singles and families. In reality, there are several local sports events going on in Sweden, every year and all season. However, most of them are organised by local associations or clubs, who doesn’t translate the information into English.

The Swedish “sport movement” has over three million members, most of them as part of the Swedish Sports Federation. There are about 20,000 sports associations within the Federation. You will find every sport has a place in Sweden.

The local sport associations are very important in Sweden. They are the ones running the everyday sport activities and they host both big and small sports tournaments and events. Many municipality endorse the bigger events.

It is the associations (and its volunteers) that organize and operate the smaller more local events. Many Swedes attend these events as a part of their summer or winter vacation.

It is not difficult to find ways to have an active oudoors holiday in Sweden.

The special sport holiday in Sweden – Sportlov or the February school sport holiday

In Sweden all school children have school holiday in February. Different regions take a week of at different weeks. South of Sweden is usually week 7 and 8 and more north week 9.

The holiday have many different names Sportlov ( sport holiday ), februarilov (February holiday) , vinterlov (winter holiday) , kokslov ( koks a high carbon content fuel) or skidlov ( skiing holiday)

During this week families try to take their children to different outdoor winter activities such as cross country skiing, alpine skiing  and skating.

Originally the holiday was a consequence of the Swedish government’s need to safe fuel during the cold Second World War February winters.  If the schools were closed, Sweden could save money on coke- a high -carbon content fuel.

Why not take your children on a break combining outdoor and learning more about Swedish geology and sustainable energy and living.

Holiday on Ice

In the North of Sweden the winter is often cold and long and there is plenty of outdoor winter activities to enjoy.  Skiing, skating on a frozen lake, dog sledge and fishing through a whole in the ice.

In the south of Sweden the winters are not alway so harsh but if they are you can find great winter outdoor activities. You can walk on the ice on a lake for kilometres.

Swedish Sauna in the winter

A great Swedish tradition is to enjoy cold baths. The best way is to first have a wood-burned sauna and then take a dip into the frozen lake.

Sport and Fitness Holiday in Sweden

Sports holidays for singles and groups sweden

As a single holiday goer or a family visiting Sweden, it might be difficult to navigate and find an event in the growing market of sport holiday in Sweden. Unlike other prepackaged vacations, you get to design yours from start to finish with absolute flexibility and freedom.

For instance, it depends on the sport you are interested in, the season you want to come, and which part of Sweden you plan to visit. Below you will find tips for the South of Sweden, mainly Småland (in and around Jönköping and Kalmar) and Gothenburg.

Sports in Jönköping and Kalmar county

Jönköping is a region with many lakes, hills, plenty of countryside and home to many sport associations. For more information on upcoming events in Jönköping, please check out sport event calendar.

If you want to come for a sport and fitness holiday in Sweden, feel free to contact us. We will guide you to arrange your perfect vacation.


swimming holiday singles

Jump into a Swedish lake and either have a fun relaxing dip or challenge yourself to swim distances, like the swimmers preparing for triathlons or Ironman. You can also simply test your limits by trying to reach the other side.

In Sweden there are lakes every where, however it is at the smaller lakes where the action is at, such as water sports and activities. 

Rock climbing

Rock Climbing holiday vacation single

Climbing is reaching a much wider audience after its inclusion in the 2020 Olympics. Climbing is no longer a niche sport, only for those who are athlete and daring. This is changing, and you can see it in the increase of rock climbing holiday packages.

Children, young adults and even seniors are starting to climb the rocks! So it doesn’t matter if you are just a beginner or an expert, there will be cliffs for you!


canoe kayak sweden vacation solo

As mentioned before, there are many lakes in Sweden. One popular lake district is Dalsland, located around two hours north of Gothenburg. Interconnected lakes surrounded by forests is the perfect combination of wild adventure and sport activity.

If you stay on nearby farm stay, many has canoe/kayak rental and guide maps, which leaves you free to adapt your route depending on your level.

Mountain Bike/Cycling

cycling holiday europe solo

There are many cycle routes around the country, and cycling in Sweden is surprising very popular. Many cycle in the countryside because cycling through Sweden’s beautiful forests is quite relaxing. There are bike trails of various length, and difficulty. Try gravel cycling on one of the many forest lanes across Sweden.  Many solo ride longer trails to clear their mind and forget about their daily troubles.

mtb mountain bike forest woods wild single

The Swedish forests are also great for mountain biking! The hilly dirt roads provides a perfect mountain bike experience. Recommended tracks, close to Jönköping with a beautiful view of the Lake Vättern, are on the Vista Mountain.

Consider a motorhome as flexible accommodation

Many of the GoNatureTrip destinations are close to the sport events taking place on the countryside.

Another great way to reaching a sport destination or an event is to rent a motorhome in Gothenburg, Jönköping or Stockholm. For example, the motorhomes have bicycle racks for up to 4 bikes and a large outdoor garage space where you can store bikes.

You can park close to your activities without having to look for accommodations or go to a campground. In the motorhome, you would find a kitchen, shower and water boiler running on battery and LPG, as well as a bathroom.

Everything you need for a comfortable vacation! Not longer would you need to look for several accommodations or make compromises.

Check out Daylight Motorhomes Rental and get a quote today!

motorhome bike rack europe

Golf in Sweden

golf swedish course alone

More and more golfers are coming to Sweden for their golf break. To fully enjoy what Sweden has to offer, it requires patience and determination. If you just want to play on one course, then this might not be for you. However, if you like exploring around a beautiful country and its different unique courses, then come to Sweden!

The best courses are in the south, with the most popular one being Falsterbo, a classic links course that is also the 3rd oldest club in Sweden.

Boule in Sweden

Boule sports are increasingly more popular as an outdoor activity in Sweden.  You can find a variety of places and ways to play boule on the Swedish West Coast,  further north in Sweden in Dalarna or further South of Sweden

It is perhaps surprising that in the cold Swedish climate outdoor sports such as boule is growing. Nevertheless it is not strange at all. Most Swedes are keen outdoor lovers. Especially the generation of Swedes born before the digitalisation of the society.  We have a special connection to outdoor activities stemming from

Horse riding

Horse riding carriage rides sweden

Sweden is a horse rider’s paradise, unlike any other destinations. Ride on top-quality horses across vast open fields and enjoy the beautiful passing landscapes. Combine your horse back riding holiday with farm stay. Ride during the day and lounge on the porch of your cottage in the evening!

Swedish horse farms offers riding experience for riders of all levels. It is suitable for both families and young adults! Some farms even offer the horse carriage rides.


Sports holiday ironman kalmar fitness

Do you want to challenge yourself during your vacation? Then join the Ironman event in Kalmar! The event attracts triathletes from all over the world and has a wonderful crowd. There were 3,000 participants from more than 50 countries in 2019. Throughout the week every year, the city is all about Ironman.

In addition to the full Ironman, there are also shorter events, like Kalmar Mini Tri and Ironkids. Most triathletes chooses to stay on a farm to train. As there are nearby lakes to swim in, hike trails to run on and cycle routes to bike on.


sled dog nybro sweden europe event

If you are interested in sleddog sports, both in summer and winter, check out the town Nybro. Nybro Sleddog Club is the organizer for the annual Sleddog World Cup in Sweden. Over 400 competitors from all over the world are expected to compete in the championship. You can watch or participate in the events.

Football and handball

football handball tournaments youth gothia Partille cup sport

Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden. The city hosts, together with local sport associations, large youth tournaments, such as Gothia Cup (youth soccer cup) and the Partille World Cup (youth handball cup). For more information about the event’s schedules, follow the link.

Gothia Cup is the world’s largest youth football tournament and is Sweden’s largest annual event. Annually there are more than 1,650 teams from around 80 nations participating!

just like the Gothia, Partille Cup is the world’s largest youth handball event and is one of the top tournaments for youth sports. Annually there are 20.000 participants from 50 countries!

GoNatureTrip collaboration – a soccer camp story

Eva Oscarsson at Daylight Husbilscenter and Skanditrip Premium Motorhome Rental is writing for GoNatureTrip. In a coming article she will write about the soccer camp organised at Ödevata Fiskecamp for her son´s local fotboll team at the club Dalen Krokslätt FF.

“I want to give the kids an unforgettable outdoor and creating friendship experience. The perfect place is Ödevata Fiskecamp, it is a safe and friendly place. More important the owners Malin and Magnus can inspire us. For instance,  I hope that the many sustainability projects at Ödevata Fiskcamp will inspire the soccer coaches ad the kids to thing outside the box.” – Eva. Follow our story!