Boule in the South Sweden 

Boule in South of Sweden, farmsteads, parks and resorts

Boule in Småland and Southern Sweden

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Description: Boule in Southern Sweden

Boule in the South Sweden

Boule an increasingly popular outdoor activities.  You can find a variety of places and ways to play boule in the South of Sweden.

It is perhaps surprising that in the cold Swedish climate outdoor sports such as boule is growing. Nevertheless it is not strange at all. Most Swedes are keen outdoor lovers. Especially the generation of Swedes born before the digitalisation of the society.  We have a special connection to outdoor activities stemming from

  1. Generations of children playing outdoors
  2.  Neighbourhoods all around Sweden have plenty of natural outdoor and recreational facilities.
  3. The school yards have been, until recently, designed to promote children’s drive to look for nature adventures.

Boule in Småland

So perhaps it is not surprising that the Swedes born in the 50ths, 60ths and 70ths are taking up boule It is a great as an option  for a city break or just an afternoon with friends and family.

As the Swedish weather Is becoming milder  the boule sports are growing in popularity among lovers of outdoor and team sports. The boule playing season is prolonged by several weeks and more and more boule pitches are being built in parks, outdoor recreation areas but also on countryside resorts.

Boule on the farm Hemma på Hult

Hemma På Hult is a beautiful and historic farm resort with

  1. eco cottages and clamping
  2. a shop with artisan Swedish delicacies and handicraft,
  3. a café
  4. fine dining on the farm concept. You have to try their home-made sausages
  5. or three course family and friends dining events.
  6. In 2021 they will build boule pitches in a beautiful meadow on their land
  7. Motorhome overnight parking

The farm is located in nature and surrounded by protected nature areas such as nature reserves, old growth forests  and the biosphere reserve Östra Vätternbranterna.

Kingdom of Crystal and boule

There are many small villages and town in the region of Småland called Kingdom of Crystal. One such village with great shopping, outdoor and boule,  is the Målerås Glass Village. Furhermore, In the municipality of Nybro you can play boule in the main town Nybro ( in the beautiful town park Badhusparken). A nice nature spot for playing boule is  in the centrally situated campsite in the  locality of Alsterbro,  by the lake Store Hindsjön

The key word associated with Målerås Glass Village is nature and outdoors. One of the most popular hiking trails is called “On the trace of the ice age” and there are several trails for cycling and MTB. The boule pitch is situated in the park “Södra Parken”.

If you are planning to travel northbound to Dalarna or the west coast on the Bohuslän coastline there are several places to play boule.