Swedish countryside, delicacies and shopping

A break to shop, eat or buy Swedish goodies.

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Description: Shopping, delicacies and eater on the Swedish Countryside

Swedish delicacies, souvenirs and the Swedish Loppis (flea market).

Shopping for delicacies on Swedish countryside is one way to travel in Sweden.

Shopping is a big part of our modern lives. In one way to shop in a country is a way to learn more about the place you are visiting.

You can always find  certain items, products and activities that are unique. Those that are envisaged and made locally.

In Sweden for sure it can be a challenge to find unique Swedish made souvenirs and items. We like to check out what is happening in other countries and we travel a lot. This is why, over the years, we have produced offshore as well as imported activities from other countries and cultures.

Swedishness and trends

However. there are some souvenirs and activities that for sure are more  Swedish such as Swedish delicacies and artisan food production, retro products and museums, vintage fashion, artisan handicraft and flea markets. If you look for antiques with provenance it you would need to go to one of the bigger cities or get to know a local willing to share with you the stories behind what is on display.

Also, sustainability is becoming increasingly important and this is true for tourism and how we would like to present Sweden to our visitors.One of the ambitions of this page and our sister page Go Nature Market is to feature local communities and villages.

The light season of the year

Sweden is a country where communities , during a great part of the colder part of the  year self -isolate. However, under the surface a lot of planning is taking place. When the sun and light comes back we love to meet up and get  together  to celebrate festivals and festivities  with music and dancing.  From June and onwards you can find people opening their homes , small countryside or farm based shops and restaurants maintain long opening hours and small market places emerge.

Food and delicacies

  • traditional Swedish delicacies and food.
  • Reko-ringen a digital farmers market. You order your eggs, delicacies, fruit or vegetable on-line ( Facebook groups) and one a week or so you can pick them up at special Reko-ringen locations.
  • If you are looking for local food, you have a great chance to find a restaurant serving Husmanskost for “dagens lunch” ( The lunch of the day). Husmanskost is a “no-frills traditional Swedish ‘everyday food’,- dish. Often pea soup with pancakes ( but only on Thursdays), meatballs and mashed potatoes, reindeer or elk stews and simple fish recipes. However, you can also find great vegan and vegetarian food based on Swedish seasonal produce.
  • Swedish Fika, as the Swedes love the “fika” ( a coffee with pastry break) you can find small local artisan bakeries specialising Swedish pastry and freshly baked traditional Swedish bread such as Swedish flatbread.

Craft, fleamarkets and fashion

  • Handmade Swedish crafts and glassware.
  •  Vintage fashion and shopping  on the countryside for special occasions.
  •  Loppis or Loppmarknad is the Swedish word for flea market.These are often run by a small shopkeeper in the village, a congregation or a farmer who has set up a “Loppis” in a barn on the property. You can buy second-hand items, Swedish glassware and handmade crafts at bargain prices.

Museums and nostalgia

  • Countryside museums featuring history through items and nostalgic memories of other eras.  Many of the great Swedish manufacturers and iconic companies have their own museums such as Ikea and Volvo.



When you rent a  motorhome in Gothenburg you are close to the Swedish countryside and you have easy access to iconic regions such as Skåne, Småland, Bohuslän, Värmland and Dalarna.