traditional swedish wood crafts handmade

8 Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Sweden

They are a better choice for a present to represent Sweden

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Description: It is nice to find something to remember Sweden by.

If you are visiting Sweden and want to take something home, here’s a list to help you! Sweden is known for a lot of things, but only the popular gifts are mentioned everywhere. We have complied a list of 8 Best Gifts and Souvenirs from Sweden that is less appreciated. These gifts will boarden your perspective of Sweden and it makes them a better choice for a present. Another truly wonderful gift for your friends and family is to learn or try out something new.

1) Traditional handmade Swedish crafts

traditional swedish wood crafts handmade

The Swedish are very handy, they are good with crafting wood items. That’s how Ikea started, spreading the spirit of crafting. There are handmade crafts for daily use, such as wooden kitchen utensils, as well as art objects for decoration. The handcrafts are designed and made by local artists, so if you buy gifts from them, you are also supporting the local economy.

2) Artistic Crystalware

Glassworks crystalware owl målerås

Sweden has 3 major crystal manufacturers, Orrefors, Kosta Boda and Målerås. You will find high-quality crystal statues, bowls, glasses and vases etc. They are great as conversational pieces and could decorate any room. However, if you want some crystalware that is truly unique, then head to a glass artist’s studio and see their personal collection. There are an increasing number of smaller artistic glass workshops in Sweden  that work with recycled Swedish glass art.

3) Handmade Swedish leather bags

swedish handmade leather bags products

Swedish design is another highlight of Sweden. In Sweden you will find a lot of hard leather products, which is very different from the usual soft leather. They also tan the leather in a natural way, which means that the skin is handled without harmful chemicals and is very eco-friendly. If you want to see your leather bag being made from scratch, you should visit Målerås Leather.

4) Spruce balm

spruce balm skin product sweden forest care

Spruce balm is commonly used to treat mild burns. Glassblowers often uses it when they get burned . It is made from beeswax, rapeseed oil and pure resin from the spruce tree. This skin care product can also softens cracked skin and soothes insect bites. You could find Spruce balm in most museums and glassworks, or you can find it at Anna-Linda´s glass studio. You can book ahead and she will show you how it is made, so you can make your own balm.

5) Swedish candy (Polkagris)

polkagris swedish candy cane christmas

Polkagris is a Swedish candy cane like candy that was invented in 1859 by Amalia Eriksson in the town of Gränna, Sweden. It is a popular traditional candy with white and red stripes, normally peppermint flavored. It isn’t exactly a holiday candy, but many eats it for special occasions. Today there are many flavors and if you visit Gränna, you will get to see how it is made.

6) Swedish Sliver Jewelry and Crafts

sliver jewelry sweden gifts rings

Silver is a traditional and affordable material used in many Swedish jewelry design. The is because of the “Sala Silver Mine” in Sweden, which made silver popular. Silver in Sweden is appreciated for its simplicity. Typically, Swedish silver design is chunky, less refined but clean with very little detail. So many silver jewelry and crafts may seem simple, it is actually the design.

7) Food Delicacies (Cheese, Lussekatter)

västerbotten cheese sweden strong bitter flavor

Not many know that Sweden produces some the best cheeses in the world. For example, the Västerbotten cheese is strong in flavor with bitter undertone. It is declared the king of cheeses in Sweden and often the supply can’t meet the demand. Lussekatter or saffron buns is a traditional food during St. Lucia holiday, not an official holiday, in December. It is not always easy to find good Swedish food outside the big cities but you just have to know where to look. In addition, Sweden is a relatively large country with a population that traditionally had their own food traditions.

8) Candle holders

creative candle holder handmade

Swedish people love candles and uniquely designed candle holders. Candles are popular in Sweden because in winter there is so little daylight, that candlelight becomes the only source of light. However, that’s only a rumor. If you go into nearly any Swedish household, there will be a large collection of candles and candle holders.