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Visiting Sweden in April | Easter and Valborg

It is recommended to spend the holidays in the countryside

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There are 2 major holidays in April in Sweden, Easter and Valborg (Walpurgis Night). Easter is often a time for families to gather, like Thanksgiving. Swedish people would eat smorgasbord centered around eggs. Since most Swedish people have a holiday cottage in the countryside, they would celebrate Easter there. Also it will be the first time they visit their cottage after winter. So it has become a traditional to spend Easter in the countryside.

Valborg is a time to drink, dance and celebrate around a bonfire with family and friends. It is normally the last day of April of first day of May. Many European country celebrates Valborg. It has become a tradition to welcome spring and say goodbye to winter.

camping smaland green holiday

Weather in April in Sweden

It will be unpredictable. It could be sunny one day and raining the next. It could even snow! However, the days are getting longer so you can spend more time outside. Be sure to wear weather proof clothes.

Things to do, see and eat

  • It is a good time visiting Sweden in April because there are less tourists but most tourist places are open. It is recommended to spend the holidays in the countryside, go to a small cafe and the people there will tell you endless stories about Swedish culture. Many rural restaurants even have their unique take on Easter and Valborg.
  • Many campsites offers special Easter celebration, such as egg hunt and traditional Swedish cooking courses. You can also hike or bike in the forest for the first time after winter. They also organize Valborg bonfire, so it is suggested to stay overnight and you could have fun/drink throughout the night.
  • If you don’t mind the cold waters, you could also swim or kayak in beautiful lakes and rivers. Paddle down stream and see the transition from winter to spring.