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Author: Eva Oscarsson, Director Tourism & Rental at Motor Home rental


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Rent a motorhome Gothenburg

Rent a motorhome in Gothenburg and start your holiday in the Metropolitan Gothenburg region and the Swedish West Coast.

Skanditrip Premium Rental Motorhome has the complete solution for your motorhome holidays in Sweden.The motorhomes are premium standard and fully equipped. We are  prepared to give you the means to have a wonderful Scandinavian holiday, full of lifetime memories.

The motorhome categories on offer cater to the different needs of families, groups and couples.  You can choose between Compact Plus, Compact Family plus, Campervan plus Family, Family Plus and Family Luxury.

The Ready-to-Go-Premium-package includes all the items you need to travel, camp and live in the motorhome. Kitchen utensiles, cable and camping chairs and table, high quality bedlinen and towels as well as all the bedding items you need. It also include extra insurances and road tolls.

The  Safety & Technology package offers free unlimited internet access, TV, gas & fire alarm etc,

SkandiTrip Premium Rental Motorhome rental´s  station in Gothenburg  is situated in the beautiful municipality of Mölndal( Se below)

Skanditrip Premium Motorhome Rental also has rental stations in Stockholm  and Jönköping.

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Our station in Mölndal

Our motorhome rental station is situated in Mölndal, an independent municipality in the Gothenburg Metropolitan area.

Address, Göteborg:

Office : Fässbergsgatan 9, Mölndal

Station: Lantbruksgatan 2, Mölndal 

Our helpful team is working arduously at the station Fridays and Saturdays during the rental season. Other days we are typically there when clients come to pick-up or return a motorhome. These are busy days, especially in the mornings and afternoons. 

 The motorhomes come back to us between 09:00-11:00 and we work hard to promptly get them ready for the next guests arriving during the same day. We typically start handing out the motorhomes at 14:00.If you were to arrive with an early flight, we will naturally try to accommodate you with an earlier delivery of the motorhome. Our experienced staff will gladly provide recommendations and sightseeing tips if you have to wait. The Mölndal shopping centre is close by and so are the bus stops with direct buses to the city of Gothenburg or the lakes of Mölndal. 

 The Motorhome station is situated in a nice area with several nature reserves around the corner.

 We will naturally give our clients a thorough instruction before leaving with the motorhome. It typically takes between 30-40 minutes, depending on your previous motorhome experience and the specific questions you might have. All our key staff are English speaking. 

Transport services

Our can easily reach us from the Landvetter international airport as well as from the Kiel or Denmark ferry terminals. 

We are close to the local Mölndal train station, the most convenient stop if you come from Copenhagen.

If you arrive at the main central station in Gothenburg city, there are several public buses and trams to choose from. We will assist you. 

If you need help to arrange for transfer from these places, let us know. There is plenty of public transport, ask us for information on the best option. 

 Gothenburg, gateway to the Swedish West Coast

Many of our clients typically start their motorhome holiday with spending an extra day or two in the Gothenburg Metropolitan area. 

If you stay in a hotel or private apartment in the city and would like to be close to our motorhome rental station, check out accommodation in the lush “Linnéstaden” area. Another preferred option is accommodation close to the Korsvägen transport hub situated in the Gothenburg event area. There are also nice hotels in Mölndal, with walking distance to shops, cafés and restaurants. 

 Visiting Sweden’s second largest city is a great way to start your grand tour of Southern Sweden. Gothenburg is an expanded city with several neighbourhoods spread along the extensive coastline and the lovely shores of the Göta River.

The Gothenburg Metropolitan area has everything: modern city life with boulevards, great restaurants and a vibrant nightlife; a stunning coastline with beaches, islands and bathing areas open all the year round.

Join the enthusiastic Swedes at an open-air swimming bath or a public sauna. In the Gothenburg you can enjoy parks, nature reserves and great hiking.