Geology trip Sweden

Geology and nature trip in Sweden and Scandinavia

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Description: Geology, landscapes and nature sites with starting point Gothenburg

Your geology motorhome trip in Sweden and Norway

Geology trip Sweden features historical regions with stunning nature and mythical stories. Perhaps you want to look for meteorite rocks? Maybe visit stunning Swedish national parks and Scandinavian nature reserves or protected nature sites? Or visit nature sites and learn about the wonders of nature shaping the landscape? 

Then start your holiday in the Metropolitan Gothenburg region and set out for a perfect trip for a week or two. For example, from the city of Gothenburg, you are never far away from quaint fishing villages, and a stunning archipelago. In addition, you will find close by nature areas and nature parks of high geology values. Therefore,  Gothenburg is a perfect starting point for your Scandinavian geology motorhome trip.

geology motorhome trip in Sweden and Norway

Sites to visit on your nature geology trip

  • Göta kanal – the Göta Canal
  • The great lake Vättern and the Lake Vänern
  • Bohuslän coastline with it rocks and boulders
  • Tiveden National Park 
  • The geopark Platåberget in Västergötland
  • The lake Hornborgasjön where each spring 10. 000 cranes dance for a 2 week period on their way from Spain to their breeding ground
  • Kinnekulle, this 306-metre high table mountain is considered to be one of Sweden’s most beautiful locations
  • The Gea Norvegica Geopark was the first Scandinavian Geopark. It is in the southeastern Norway, in the county of Vestfold and Telemark
  • The river Klarälven, a very old river which formed the landscape as it forced its way through Norway and Sweden towards the great lake Vänern
  • Bratteforsheden is a nature conservation in Värmland
  • Ranneberget is a mountain and a nature reserve in Dalsland
  • Geopark Siljan, the area in and around Lake Siljan in Dalarna was formed by the effects of the impact of a meteorite hitting earth at 100,000 km/h speed. This happened some 377 million years ago
  • Another meteorite fall you can find in Hälsingland. A province full of wonderful nature, history and heritage.

See more about  responsible travelling as well as “looking for Meteorite rocks dos and don´t,” as well as information on South Swedish Nature parks and protected area, and the Allemansrätten– the regulation for public access to our nature and lands.