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Roadtrip E45 Swedish mountain regions

E45 roadtrip adventure Sweden

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Description: Roadtrip to Southern Lapland

E45, the road to mountain areas and great outdoor

The land of the Fjäll mountains

This text features a roadtrip along and with detours off  E45 to the Swedish mountain regions. In initial text, from the Swedish South to Härjedalen south,  I covered some of the sites and stops on the E45. In continuation,  the focus is on the mountain areas in Härjedalen and Jämtland as well as the South Lapland region. The last text will feature the northern Lapland.

This is as great part of Sweden if you are in to outdoors and nature. In addition, you can learn  about the local sami cultural and history.

You are reaching the southern part of the Swedish north and the distance is longer and the wilderness always present. As you get further and further north  you will need  time to roam the north of Sweden. It is not densely populated and thus, there are fewer shops and restaurants. So planning is crucial.

Nevertheless in a motorhome you travel with your own accommodation and cooking facilities.

The roads, detours, places for parking motorhome with a view

You have passed northern Dalarna and have entered into Härjedalen and Jämtland (two Swedish counties) and decided to stay some days in beautiful Swedish mountain landscape before heading far north. This route on and around he E45  will take you through Härjedalen, Jämtland and up to Southern Lapland Vilhelmina, Dorotea, Åsele och Strömsund.

Click on the maps to see the Center North and Southern Lapland part of the roadtrip.

Roadtrip E45 Sweden to southern Lapland

Day 15-18 From Lillhärdal in Härjedalen through the world of the Swedish “Fjäll” ( Swedish mountains)

The Swedish mountain region of (fjällen) is the region where I went skiing with my family as a kid. We always went wintertime. However, since then I have re-visited this region as an young adult ( many years ago) to do “fjällvandring” or hike in the mountains. Walking for days and carrying your food , often dried food to make the backpack lighther, with you was a fantastic experience. T

he backpack got ligher by the day. It was living of the grit and back then we were very careful not to litter and respect nature. I am reading that it is not the case any longer as many leave behind broken tents, food cans etc. This makes me very sad and angry at the same time.

Anyway back to the fantastic nature and cultural sites you can visit in the world of the Fjäll (mountains).

Nature and cultura sites to visit

The nature reserve Linsellborren in Jämtland offers beutifaul pristen nature around the River Ljusnan. Great outdoors

  1. Vemdalen,  a valley and outdoors resort  . Härjedalen and Jämtland
  2. Hiking trail in Vemdalen takes you to  the waterfall Fettjeåfallet
  3. Klövsjö , a ski and outdoor resort in Jämtland
  4. Horse ranch in Trumvallen – ride in the Swedish mountain in Vemdalen
  5. Hike over the mountain to “Falmmoran” summer grazing farm and visit the water fall “Fallmoranfallet”.
  6.  Funäsdalen, mountain resort in Jämtland
    Visit the Summer farmstead Vikarvålvallens, 15 kms from Vemhån at the mountain Digervålen, in Härjedalen
  7. Nyvallens fäbod, old summer farmstead, summer grazing farm in the national park sonnfjället, Härjedalen
  8. Rändåfallet is a water fall close to the village Långå. Nice hiking
  9. Funäs fjället with villages such as Fjällnäs , Tänndalen, Tännäs, Burksvallarna etc The cradle of Swedish mountiain tourism is says. särskilt med lugnet, vyerna och känslan i Fjällnäs.
  10. Flatruet
  11. Långbuans fäbodar
  12. Hiking in the national Park Sonfjället
Overnight Motorhome parking

There are two golf clubs in Vemdalen that receives motorhomes. There are also some pitches at Fågelsjö Gammelgård Ställplats. At the National Park Sonfjället, the Sonfjällscampen. In Funäsdalen you have Risnäset Ställplats.

Day 18-21 South Lapland

This will take you through Northern Jämtland and the municipalities of Vilhelmina, Dorotea, Åsele och Strömsund. Strömsund

Nature sites to visit
  1. Andersöns naturreservat
  2. Bynäsets fritidsområde
  3. Meselefors Rastplats vid Ångermanälven
  4. Rastplats Vojmån
  5. The capital of Jämtland is Östersund, worth while a stop
  6. Frösö Island
  7. Kyrkberget in Vilhelmina
Camping and campsite around Östersund and Vilhelmina

There are several campings and campsite around Östersund.

In Vilhelmina at Malgoviks you have campsites for motorhomes at Malgoviks husbilscamping. At Vojmån, close to the water you have several pitches.  Locality  Nylupsen offer  a wilderness campground in Lappudden. At the lake Västra Ormsjö there are some nature pitches at the outdoor recreational and swimming area.