Route E 45 Sweden

14 days along the south route E45 Sweden

Roadtrip E45 Sweden

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Description: From Gothenburg to Härjedalen

Inlandsvägen or the Route E 45, the longest road in Sweden

Make a roadtrip E45 Sweden! Inlandsvägen or the inland Road takes you from the west coast of Sweden, with start in Halmstad (Halland), to the location of Karesuando in the very north of Lapland. The route takes you 19894 km in total.

Along the Inland road you will find places to stay, park your camper or motorhome, eat and explore the local history and culture.

This text will mainly focus on nature sites ( mainly nature reserves, lakes, rivers and water falls) , motorhome overnight parking and some localities of interest. As we rent motorhomes from Gothenburg this is where the story starts.

Trip along Route E45 Sweden

The roads, detours, places for parking motorhome with a view

There are several stunning road stops where you can stop.  As it is a long road the text will be divided into two parts. We start with from Gothenburg o to Liilehärdal in Härjedalen. Click on map to see the southern part of the roadtrip.

Roadtrip Sweden to North 

The main roads you follow is the  E 45. In addition,  there are several smaller roads you can take and several detours you can make. Some of the detours are more adventurous than others but definitely worth the extra kilometers.

For example, when you reach northern Dalarna and Jämtland (two Swedish counties) and leave the E45 going towards the Norwegian border, you will reach a beautiful Swedish mountain landscape. Further up in north, in Lapland, you can spend several days in and around the town of Jokkmokk. From here  you can explore national parks and the Sami culture. I will write more about this in coming texts.

From Gothenburg to Lillhärdal in Härjedalen

Day 1 to 4, from Gothenburg through the county of Västra Götaland to Dalsland

The route takes you to the great lake Vänern where you can make several stops to hike and enjoy nature . Your first stop, if you want to get to know an important part of the Scandinavian and  Swedish history,  is in Alafors in the municipality of Ale. It is about 36 km from Gothenburg. In this part of Sweden you can find remains from the viking area and a local association of history aficionados has build a viking homestead. They re-enact viking life and offer outdoor markets, guided tours and you can even participate in a viking style fitness, i.e. fight with swords and shield.

Nature sites to visit 

1. Yttre Bodane Nature reserve in Åmål, Dalsland
2. Ramslökedalen Nature reserve  in Håverud, Dalsland
3. Sörknatten Nature reserve , country of  Västra Götland

Overnight Motorhome parking first nights

You are on your way to the Lake Vänern. You can stay the first night in the Trollhättan “lock area”, right by the water. The campsite ( motorhome pitches)  is only 2 km from the center of the city. The adress is Åkersjövägen 50. You pay the stay in a parking machine on the area. coordinates: 58.26532190, 12.26588250 Coordinates: 58°15’55.16″N, 12°15’57.18″E

Another lakes side overnight parking is in Vänersborg at Vänersborgs Gästhamn och Marina
Address is Vänerparken 12 and contact is
Coordinates: 58.37743120, 12.31639080, coordinates : 58°22’38.75″N, 12°18’59.01″E

If you want to drive a but further on the Lake Vänern coastline to Åmål,  you can find motorhome parking for overnight stay in the centre by the water. It is not possible to pre-book.

Day 5 to 10, from Lake Vänern through Värmland to Dalarna


Värmland is a historical province that  borders , among other regions, Västergötland, Dalsland, Dalarna and in the west by Norway.  Apart from stunning nature you can find historic manors and homesteads, museums  and old silver mines. It is the home of the Swedish author and nobel laureate Selma Lagerlöf . A  much loved writer in Sweden.

Nature sites to visit 

  1.  Hovfjället, a mountain plateau and nature reserve,  in Torsby.  Great outdoor activities, province of Värmland
  2. Brattforsheden, nature area ( not far from Filipstad) is a great area to explore geological formations (pebble ridges, dead pits, dunes, ravines and marshes), Värmland
Motorhome home overnight camp sites in Värmland

In the center of Torsby, at the old train station, you can find 10 pitches to park overnight.
Address: Bangårdsgatan 10 .GPS (60.136345, 13.002869 ). In the center of Filipstad you can find 6 lakeside pitches in the Marina in the bay “Kyrkviken” .


One of the truly culturally rich and historical regions in Sweden is Dalarna. If have written many text about Dalarna, its forests, geological sites, the lakes and nature sites. Some of the sites you can find close to E45 and others you would need to do detours. It is worthwhile to stay several days in this beautiful region.

A feature of this part of Sweden is the railway track called Inlandsbanan . It used to go through Swedish regions including several villages in Dalarna and connected Kristinehamn with Mora as well as Mora and Gällivare. It was constructed as the inland, which was rich in natural resources, had the important forestry but poor connections. In addition it was considered an important defense feature  Sweden be invaded from the east.

The rail is now closed but local aficionados have made a model railway showcasing some of the local railway tracks. Check out the group called Utby Rallare. In addition,  Inlandsbanan AB has a passenger service that runs some periods of the year and is  primarily for tourists.

Nature sites to visit 

2. Nature reserve  Jugen in Mora Dalarna
3. Sandängarna Nature reserve, Mora Dalarna
5. Furudal and the Ore Lake, a village and lake  in the municipality of Rättvik.
6. Siljan lake
1. Great view and summer grazing farm at  Fryksås , Dalarna
2. Water fall Storstupet and Helvetetsfallet
3. Hamra National park , Municpality of Ljusdal with an old growth forest track.
4. Fågelsjö Gammelgård, and old homestead

Motorhome camp sites

Hamra National Park have some motorhome pitches where you can stay maximum 2 nights. In Furudal you have several cozy campings.

Detour roadtrip Road E45 Sweden

4 days in Lillhärdal

In the southern part of Härjedalen you come to the small village of Lillhärdal. You have now crossed several Swedish regions and counties. It is time  to make a little longer stop in one locality. I have picked  the village of Lillhärdal in Härjedalen. Here you will find vast wilderness, untouched forests, mountains and great waters for fishing and water activities. There is a camping. and a website ( in Swedish) where you can read more about activities and life in Lillhärdal.