Stockholm archipelago excursion Vaxholm

Stockholm archipelago excursion to Vaxholm

Excursion in Stockholm archipelago

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Description: Enjoy Stockholm, Vaxholm and Roslagen

Enjoy a Stockholm archipelago excursion to Vaxholm! I

We recommend our motorhome rental clients that a perfect start to their Sweden holiday roundtrip is to combineStockholm centre with a boat trip. A perfect  waterside excursion is from the centre of Stockholm to Vaxholm and Grinda.

Equally, you might want to stay in the beautiful costal town of Vaxholm and make an excursion to Stockholm over the day. Why not take a boat instead of a bus.


Two companies run the Stockholm archipelago excursion to Vaxholm. These companies also run boattrips to other places in archipelago). They are Strömma Kanalbolaget and Waxholmsbolaget.

The ferry lines  are part of the Stockholm public transport and used by commuters.  The ferries depart from different ”stations” along Strandvägen, see map. The boats have café, seats and sundeck. To see prices check their website but the tickets are from 5-25 euro per person depending on the destination.


See  information on some of the most beautiful destination in the area see  Vaxholm, the nature reserve with great hiking and a castle Bogesund and Grinda


Åkersberga and Roslagen

The rental station is Stockholm is in Åkersberga, a cosy costal location with commute distance from the Stockholm city centre. It also happens to be my childhood region so Roslagen has very special place in my heart.