Sweden in springtime bonfires

Sweden in springtime and bonfires

Welcome to springtime and to celebrate biochar Valborg

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Description: We invite you to Biochar Valborg

Welcome to springtime and to celebrate biochar Valborg

Sweden in springtime and early summer and bonfires appear. This is no different from In many cultures where the locals meet up around a bonfire.  Some examples around Europe are

  • In March in the city of Valencia, people take to the streets to celebrates “las Fallas”
  • The Scandinavians celebrate Walpurgis Night
  • St John’s Eve, on 23rd of June, people around Europe celebrate the birth with bonfires. It is celebrated in countries such as Estonia, France, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Portugal. In Sweden we celebrate Midsummer.

Fire, bonfires, cooking outdoors is for sure part of the human history and legacy of people wanting to come together.

In Sweden we celebrate Valborg on April 30th. It is the perfect time to get out of our houses after a dark winter indoors. We get together with the people from our neighborhood of with friends to burn garden waste, traditionally impressive amount of nature´s debris. The process to collect the garden waste  could take several weeks for the community bon fires.

Upcycle the celebration around bonfires- Biochar Valborg.

 We want to renew the Valborg celebration keeping the essence of the tradition, which is about being with family and friends. We call it Biochar Valborg. The fire is not just for fun, the added value is the production of biochar. In terms of biochar, we suddenly see all waste as a resource.

With Biochar Valborg we want to embrace the possibility upcycling the garden waste and to produce less carbon dioxide.

Malin and Magnus at Ödevata Countryside hotels, invite you to Biokol Valborg. It is the recurring celebration and tradition on their farm resort.

Lighting a small fire in your backyard with family and friends feels more vibrant and far easier to arrange than the old traditional feast.

We invite you to participate at Ödevata

There are different ways you can participate

If you live in Sweden buy Kon-Tikis for the occasion. Great purchase if you are a group of people sharing a garden interest

Valborg weekend, a unique package for student and learners

Please check the Biokol / Walpurgis Biochar learning and activity packages. Join for one day or stay over a night and enjoy Swedish nature in the spring-time.