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Description: Sweden in the winter is best enjoyed in the countryside. The everyday outdoor is the best. Do the Swedish way

What’s Your Sweden?

Winter holiday in Sweden

ice fishing lake

Swedish winter can be colorless but at the same time colorful. Many refer to it as the winter wonderland, others refer it as frozen paradise and it is likely they are picturing Småland.

Småland has a lot to offer for your holiday in Sweden even in winter. It is a common misconception that winter isn’t the best time to visit Sweden. On the contrary, with the temperature rarely going below -10 degrees Celsius, there’s actually a lot you can do and see. Such as, ice fishing, skiing, sauna and much more.

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Food & Drinks

Lustfyllt habo sweden vättern restaurant risotto

Can’t experience outdoor cooking? No worries, you can always try a countryside restaurant on your winter holiday! Many rural family-run restaurants work with “up-cycle” and non waste philosphy principle but you might need to pre-book.

Normally they are closed during the low season but might be open a day or two during the week, specially week-ends. They use the winter to invent new dishes that excites the tongue and satisfies the stomach. Their mission is “Never let a customer leave unsatisfied”

Other cafés, like Explore Småland,, have an experimental kitchen where they test new ingredients. Your dish is almost guaranteed to be one-of-a-kind and very exciting, but you need to book well in advance as the space is usually limited.

Relax & Chill

sauna cold water dip winter holiday snow

You might feel that you are always surrounded by tourists. No matter where you go, there will be tons of people and you never get to experience anything properly. Thankfully, at Ödevata Countryside Hotels, you will not only find a fantastic holiday spot, but also a peace of mind and new insights.

Enjoy Scandinavia’s favorite winter activity, have a dip in the icy water and rush to the wood-burning sauna. There is also the option to melt in a hot tub surrounded by snow and ice. Or stay in your room and just wrap yourself in a comfy blanket and watch as the snow falls to the ground.

Active & Adventurous

cross country ski skiing sweden

You must try skiing during your winter holiday. Some may find skiing intimidating at first, however just days after their first time putting on skis, many would fall in love with it. The fresh air hitting your face, the feeling of snow under your feet, and the winter wonderland view would amaze anyone.

You can either try downhill/alpine skiing or cross-country skiing depending on your interests. Downhill skiing is an adrenaline rush when you are going down hills at great speeds.

On the other hand, if you are more into discovery, then cross-country skiing may be more suited for you. The tracks will lead you into forests, onto lakes and past villages, so that you can enjoy the peaceful journey.

Accommodation & Environment

swedish cottage winter snow

Imagine a typical Swedish cottage next to a lake. You most likely saw the cottage painted in red. Red cottages are a staple piece of Sweden’s identity. Over the years, many have romanticized the red Swedish cottages, and actually they are indeed very romantic.

Imagine watching the snowfall in your Swedish eco cottage whilst sitting in a comfortable lounge chair next to the fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate. It will make anyone feel as if they are in paradise, therefore a perfect place to stay on your holiday in Sweden.

During winter, most cottages are still available and they are perfect places to stay on your ski trip and you will find many snow activities to do in the area.

Nevertheless, as many Swedes living in the South of Sweden know, the snow conditions might be quite patchy the more south you go. If you want to find snow for sure you have to go further north.  For example, Dalarna is a Swedish winter holiday region due to the reliable snow conditions.