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Author: Michael Li , content contributor to GoNatureTrip


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Description: Michael lived for many years in Småland when he studied in Jönköping.

What does Småland mean to you?

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People come to Småland for different reasons, whether it’s to create unforgettable new memories, or to escape from daily routine. Despite its name, Småland isn’t small. Småland isn’t only a place you go to, it’s where you can discover yourself.

You might find yourself to be an active outdoor person whilst cycling in Glasriket or on the Ice Age trail, or you might uncover your interest in design when visiting the Kingdom of Crystal. Coming here means something different for everyone.

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Coming to Småland

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For some it’s about waking up at 5 AM to go to lake Vättern and watch the sunrise. It’s about going on a kayaking adventure on lake Ödevaten, swimming in one of the 6,000 lakes in Småland, spending the day fishing with the locals. You wouldn’t care if you didn’t catch any fish because it’s the experience that matters.

  • For some it’s about interacting and making friends with the locals to learn about their culture. Even though sometimes it’s difficult to communicate in English, but both of you can laugh together about the situation. It’s about building new relationships with people you never would’ve met otherwise.
  • For some it’s about tasting local cuisine at Explore Småland. It’s about experiencing the local culture and heritage, and not about going popular tourist places others have recommended. For some it’s more valuable to spend time at small family run shops, camping or cafes.
  • For some it’s about wanting to see and do as much as possible and live in the moment. It’s about not being afraid to try new things. It’s about staying at Ödevata for a week without any plans because there’s always something new and interesting to try, such as finding hidden treasures of Småland.

It is a place filled with friendly people, stunning scenery, fantastic food and many other things to see and do. Småland has a bit of everything for everyone. It can be both exciting and scary at times, but it would be your own unique holiday in Sweden.

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What you felt and experienced in Småland will create memories that you wouldn’t trade for anything else.

Stop listening to others, listen to yourself. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Below we have listed some ideas for you to get started.