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What’s Your Sweden?

Summer holiday in Sweden

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Summer holiday in Sweden is without a doubt the most comfortable you will ever be with temperatures around 28 degrees Celsius. It is also when the sky is at its bluest, grass at its greenest and sun at its brightest.

There are many outdoor activities, such as swimming, hiking, cycling and fishing. Summer is also harvest season, so you can also pick wild berries and mushrooms in the forests.

Food & Drinks

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Just like Sweden is more than Stockholm, Swedish food culture is more than meatballs. Did you know a major part of Swedish culture is socializing through food and you may have heard of it, we call it “Fika” It also a great excuse to take a break from your busy routine and relax.

Not only do people socialize when sharing a meal, but also form a deeper connection when cooking together. Come to Småland with friends, family or coworkers and cook delicious food together in the great outdoors surrounded by forests.

Work in teams, use natural ingredients and simple methods to create delicious innovative meals. This fun filled bonding experience will guarantee leave a positive impression on everyone.

Relax & Chill

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If you are not the type of person who seeks adrenaline rush, going on holiday for you means a time to get in some much needed rest and relaxation. A chance to leave everything behind, only focus on living in the moment. No more alarms and the days will seem longer and you feel happier.

However, often finding such place with peace and quiet is getting harder and harder. So why not go where no one has gone before? Rent a motorhome and travel around Småland! Pick your ideal spot to stay with the perfect view.

Kick back and relax in your mini house, join a crayfish fishing party and cook your catch minutes after catching it! Pick wild mushrooms and berries to add to your dish!

Active & Adventurous

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It is always fun to go on outdoor active holidays, to get away, get moving and improve your health. No matter what you are looking for, you will find it in Småland. Can’t decide? Why not try a little of everything? You will always end the day feeling refreshed and energized!

Active holiday means different things to different people. For some it is going on a sky diving trip, for others it may be as calm as going on an interesting hiking trail with your friends and family.

Whether it’s sky diving, hiking, cycling, running or kayaking, there are endless options for an active holiday in Småland. As well as there’s nothing more fun and adventurous than crossing paths with majestic wild moose!

Accommodation & Environment

farm glamping sweden

Glamping, otherwise known as luxury camping or glamorous camping, is a unique experience based on enjoying nature, but without the downsides of traditional camping.

Glamping is an extremely unique accommodation alternative surrounded by breath-taking view, all without sacrificing comfort and convenience. It is a great way to have a conversation with nature and to clear your mind.

Most farm glamping sites in Småland are near a lake or forest. On a typical farm glamping site you will find different options, such as proper rooms, cabins of different sizes, and luxury tents. All the farm glamping sites are well developed and you will always be a short drive distance away from the nearest town or city.