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Take a genealogy trip to Sweden and learn about your Swedish roots

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Description: With the help of local historians and genealogy experts and guides you can go far in a short time

Genealogy tours to find your Swedish roots

Do you want to take a genealogy travel tour to find your roots in Sweden? With help from genealogy experts you will explore your Swedish ancestry and learn about your Swedish roots

Network Genealogical adventures in Sweden consists of Swedish genealogists and guides. They are your Swedish genealogy guides working together to make your ancestry tour as good and easy as possible.

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The network will help you to get in contact with living relatives, as well as local heritage and history associations ( hembygdsföreningar). They will help you to find the information you are looking for, a date, a name or a place.

Perhaps you will find the very cottage where your Swedish was born on your genealogy tours.  It is an emotional trip for sure. Your local guides will make sure that you will experience your Swedish roots will all your senses.

The farms and gardens of your Swedish ancestors

Follow the Swedish genealogy guides and find the farms where your family lived for generations. Pick an apple from the same apple tree as your ancestors, smell the garden they enjoyed and said goodbye to several generations ago.

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Find your Swedish roots in the parish

Visit the parish, churches and graveyards to find the resting place of the people in your family tree. Pay your respect to your Swedish ancestry with a living relative telling you stories about the lives and accomplishments of your family.

Learn about the path your ancestors took and trace it all the way to you. Discover new things about you and your family. Such as, why do you have the hair color you have, why you prefer certain foods and your other Swedish traits. You might be more Swedish you think!

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Spend a day with living Swedish relatives

Finding your Swedish relatives is only half the story. A large part of the guides’ work is managing the process of making contact with living relatives. Whatever the circumstances, an amount of delicacy and mutual respect is required.

As well as, sometimes it may be very overwhelming for both parties. However, you can be assured that the process will go as smoothly as possible.

Enjoy a reunion ( släktträff)  with living relatives. Spend a day with them, look at old family photo albums and pick the ingredients from their kitchen garden and try out the family recipe for a delicious summer rhubarb pie.

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The Swedish Genealogy Network

The network was established for promotion of heritage and genealogical travels to Sweden.  In 2020 the network will have a travel package allowing you to find your roots in Sweden.  With the help of genealogists and guides, you can combine looking for your roots and touring Swedish historical and cultural highlights.

The network has members all over Sweden and you can find a local guide which will help you to explore your unique Swedish roots.

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