Outdoor cooking

Outdoor cooking in Sweden

Enjoy not only the food but the process of preparing it! Become an “outdoor chef”!

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Author: Eva Oscarsson, Director of Tourism & Motorhome Rental

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Description: In cooperation with the project Sustainable Cross-border Destinations supported by the Swedish Institute

Outdoor cooking experience in Sweden with your family and friends

Outdoor cooking experience with family in Sweden is something very special. For example, the closeness with nature and the togetherness with friends and family. The sound of the fire and the taste of food cooked in a natural way. All in all, a memory for life.

Skills needed are a bit of patience, handle outdoor cooking equipment and if you are out in the forest, arrange your own outdoor pantry. Please check out the safety precautions if you decide to make a fire outdoors on non-designated grill areas.

Outdoor cooking as a fun team-building activity for everyone

Outdoor cooking as a fun team-building activity for everyone

Outdoor cooking is also a great physical activity. Suddenly, it is fun to cook. It is for sure not always easy as it seems. Half of the food would have ended up on the ground if it would not have been for Malin Axelsson´s, our Ödevata Country Hotel host, instructions and help. For sure a great outdoor team-building activity.

After a long winter and year spring is coming and people long to meet up and socialize. Such as, a group of American exchange students in Sweden (picture above) came to Ödevata to not only have a great time, but also learn something new about sustainability. Malin showed them their aquaponics with a biochar filter system. The students even used some of the ingredients from the aquaponics in their delicious outdoor cooking!

A so-called learning holiday is fun for all, not only for families. This trip was made possible by Iwona in cooperation of the project, Sustainable Cross-border Destinations, supported by the Swedish Institute. “People think learning and holiday doesn’t fit together. I am here to show them through outdoor cooking that you can learn, relax, and enjoy yourself at the same time” said Iwona.

Or perhaps a Swedish family reunion with outdoor cooking is better in your pipeline of activities? A big and happy “Swedish släktträff,” has been a long time coming. For example, on our sister page GoNaturemarket, we write about the possibility to find family through Swedish ancestry research.

Outdoor cooking and kitchen – Sustainable cooking on a biochar grill

In our Go Nature Trip network, many of the farm resorts are developing sustainable outdoor cooking kitchens. It is exciting to follow their effort to test outdoor grills that at the same time produce biochar. For example, check out Ödevata lakeside resort with a campsite and countryside hotel in Småland.

Målsånna farm resort is situated by the Aneby lake only 40 minutes from Jönköping. It has a beautiful campsite, a service building with a Sauna, showers and kitchen facilities.