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Top 5 Best Beautiful Places to Visit in Sweden in Winter

Swedish winter can be colorless but at the same time colorful.

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5 Breath-taking Places in Sweden to Visit during Winter

Swedish winter can be colorless but at the same time colorful. Many refer to it as the winter wonderland and they wouldn’t be wrong. There’s actually a lot you can do and see in winter. These Top 5 Best Beautiful Places to Visit in Sweden in Winter are more than just pretty places, they also have a rich history. You could spend the whole winter at these places and would never want to leave!

Our Top 5 Amazing Winter Places to See in Sweden

  1. Lapland: Ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi and Kebnekaise in Kiruna
  2. Rural Småland
  3. Ski Resort, Åre
  4. Målerås Crystal Village
  5. Northern Light/ Aurora Borealis in Abisko

1) Lapland

ice hotel sweden JUKKASJÄRVI

Swedish Lapland is the place to visit to get the winter wonderland feeling. There’s tons of snow, forests and wildlife. Lapland is in the north of Sweden, so you could also visit the Ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi, climb Kebnekaise mountain and coal mines in Kiruna. You can also stay overnight in a room entirely made of ice at the ice hotel.

2) Rural Småland

Småland is known for its beautiful natural scenery next to beautiful lakes and there are many things to do and see. You can take a stroll on the frozen lakes or country ski across or try go cart on ice. Many rural businesses in Småland are surrounded by nature and snow. They offer experiences that could make you feel like being in a fairy tale.

3) Ski resort, Åre

åre ski resort peak brand sweden

Åre is one of the most well known and popular ski destinations in Sweden. It is the home of the outdoor clothing brand, Peak. Åre is not just a ski resort, it is actually a small town. You could find shops, restaurants, spa and other snow activities! It is a place where anyone could find something they enjoy.

4) Målerås Crystal Village

Målerås Village glassblowing history. Glasbläser

Located in the Kingdom Of Crystal, Målerås is a town that have a long history in glassworks. Målerås glassworks is one of the big 3 crystal production places in Sweden today. Not only will you find fine glass art, you could also try glassblowing yourself! The town today is an ever growing tight community, and there are many small local businesses you could visit!

5) Northern Light/ Aurora Borealis in Abisko

northern lights aurora borealis abisko

Abisko national park is at the very north point of Sweden. It is a great place to hike and to do snow activities. However, it is most famous for being a prime spot for seeing the aurora borealis. Anyone who have seen it will tell you that the pictures doesn’t do it justice. It beautiful beyond belief. But you would have to stay there for a couple of days as the aurora borealis is unpredictable.