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Cykelkungen bike rental Göteborg

Bring a fully served bike along on your motor home trip! We collaborate with Daylight Husbilscenter and Skanditrip Premium Motorhome Rental in Göteborg.
målsånna camping

Målsånna farm resort

Outdoor attractions, mindfulness and spa treatment lakeside campsite with newly built washrooms and a sauna.
Swim in a Swedish lake

Swim in a Swedish lake

Looking for a great way to cool off this summer? Why not try take a nice swim in a lake? Swimming in a Swedish lake is fun, relaxing and a wonderful way to experience the Swedish nature.
Rent motorhome from Daylight

Rent motorhome from Daylight

With us you will enjoy a safe and secure motorhome rental. Our motorhomes are always serviced and checked before you pick them up.
Liljenäs farm at Lake Bolmen

Liljenäs Farm at Lake Bolmen

Liljenäs, a "king´s farm " during centuries. Excellent fishing, boat and canoe rental. Discover the Lake district Bolmen and learn more about Swedish heritage.
Green eco resort and village

Ödevata FiskeCamp

Great outdoor and relax experience on the countryside of Småland. Motor home parking at the resort in different location.
Swedish leather crafts

Swedish leather crafts in Målerås

Experience genuine leather crafts in Målerås. Feel the beautiful scent of leather & experience the manufacture of leather products on site.

Pelles i Sunnaryd

Pelles i Sunnaryd - B&B, Farmshop and Motorhome camping in active farm enviroment with exiting nature experiences!
Stall Sonakull

Stall Sonakull

Wonderful Horse Ride in stunning Swedish Forest in Småland