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Find yourself close to nature with GoNatureTrip. We are a network of small family businesses working together to give you the best outdoor family experiences and activities and local travel tips in Sweden. Enjoy lakes, forests, food and culture in Sweden. Find your destinations to park, bike, hike, fish and relax. If you are on facebook you can communicate with us through the GoNatureTrip page. You can also contact us.

Some of our destinations:

Sport Holiday

Sport Holiday

Reach your sport destination or event fast and safe. Rent a motor home in Jönköping or Göteborg
Vissefjärda Café and Konditori

Vissefjärda Café and Konditori

At Vissefjärda Café & Konditori enjoy typical Swedish cakes, waffles and sandwiches. Pick a range of handmade bonbons and other chocolate treats.
South Sweden vacaciones en Suecia cultura escandinava Familia Amigos sur de Suecia viajar

The South of Sweden Trip

Roam around the lakes of Småland, the lakes districts, the big lakes Vättern or any of the 5000 lakes. Visit National parks, biosphere reserve and find fantastic outdoor activities.
Furudals bruk

Furudals Bruk

Industrial heritage guided tour at an Ironworks in Dalarna
Glassworks Målerås

Målerås Glassworks

While in Småland learn about the art glass heritage. Blow your own crystal bowl at Målerås Glassworks!
Join a Swedish kräftskiva

Join a Swedish kräftskiva

A genuine Swedish crayfish feast and a magical evening tour on our comfortable raft. Enjoy a dinner with crayfish, shrimp and all the props typical to a Swedish "Kräftskiva".