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GoNatureTrip, the roads you take makes all the difference. Ours is a network of companies working together to give you the best GoNatureTrip experience of Sweden. If you are on facebook you can communicate with us through the Go Nature Trip page. You can also contact Eva at Daylight Husbilscenter if you have a general query.

Some of our destinations

Furudals bruk

Furudals Bruk

Industrial heritage guided tour at an Ironworks in Dalarna
Cykelkungen bike rental Göteborg

Cykelkungen bike rental Göteborg

Bring a bike along on your motor home trip. Fully served bikes! We collaborate with Daylight Husbilscenter in Göteborg and deliever the bikes to their motor home station in Mölndal.

The farm Hult

Country living, bike rental and motor home parking at Hult
Vidagård Ateljé Hofladen

Farmshop Ateljé Vidagård

Arts & Crafts shop and café situated in a small and picturesque village in the heartland of Småland.
The Geographical Midpoint of Sweden

The Geographical Midpoint of Sweden

By Lake Munkby in Ånge, close to the village Munkbysjön, you will find the landmark "Flataklocken". Enjoy a Swedish Fika with a stunning view of the valley and the Geographical Midpoint of Sweden