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Travel tips -GoNatureTrip

GoNatureTrip, the roads you take makes all the difference. Ours is a network of companies working together to give you the best GoNatureTrip experience of Sweden. If you are on facebook you can communicate with us through the Go Nature Trip page. You can also contact Eva.

Some of our destinations:

Tivsjö goat farm

Spend a day on the Tivsjö goat farm in Västernorrland. Learn about eco-farming and how to make goat cheese from fresh and unpasteurized goat milk.

The farm Ebbarps Norrgård

Stay on a farm close to Jönköping. Shop locally produced foodstuff and delicacies and enjoy a Swedish fika.
Stay the night in a Tree House

Stay the night in a Tree House

Stay a night or two eleven meters up in the tree tops in the centre of Sweden. On your very own island. Unique moments in the untouched wilderness.
Nyrups Osteria

Nyrups Osteria

The most beautiful and calming place for cheese lovers! Enjoy different local speciatilities and sit down, breath out and listen to the stillness!
målsånna camping

Målsånna farm resort

Outdoor attractions, mindfulness and spa treatment lakeside campsite with newly built washrooms and a sauna.
Follow traces of the ice age

Follow traces of the ice age

Walk along the traces of the ice age at Gråstensmon, discover geological formations as a result of the inland ice melting (stagnation moraine).