Dalarna and Norway trip

West Coast to Dalarna and Norway trip

Visit Swedish region Dalarna on your way to Norway

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Dalarna and Norway trip through the west coast.

Dalarna and Norway trip, drive along the West Coast. Firstly, head north along the coastline of Bohuslän towards the big Lake Vänern. In Bohuslän you have quaint villages and good sea food. If you love outdoor try climbing or hiking.

Then proceed further and spend some time getting to know the region of Dalarna. Dalarna is an important outdoor and biking destination.  Furthermore, it could be your gateway to visiting Norway. For instance, try the copper trail (Kopparleden) from Dalarna to Røros in Norway.

Visit Rättvik

Visit towns and villages of the municipality of Rättvik. The local guide company Guidekullor can show you the gems. The guide Gunilla Jacobsson explains:

“I am glad to hear that you want to visit our fascination country. Sweden is beautiful with big distances and it is sparsely populated. You will find a variety of activities depending on the season and location. I guide in Dalarna “the heart of Sweden” and I am an authorised guide. GoNature Trip asked me to write about my favourite tips for a visitor and here goes;

Culture in Dalarna

Dalarna is one of the most traditional Swedish regions. It has a rich local culture  with all-year- around folk music festivals and celebrations.
Dalarna is a regions in the central/central-south of Sweden,  around the big Lake Siljan.
In addition to the local folk music scene, Dalarna is the home of two great Swedish 1800-century painters, Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson. Likewise, we also have the Worlds Heritage sites.  Falu gruva is an 1 000-year old copper mine.
Towns and villages offer local museums and exhibitions. Similarly you can find small historical wooden cottages, arts and crafts workshop. A true treat is to buy traditional Swedish bread from local bakeries or eat Swedish pastry in the many coffee shops.
Many point of interests have free entry. In some places you will pay a small fee.

Nature and outdoor in Dalarna

Nature is amazing and offers a healthy and active holiday. For instance, discover the wildlife of Dalarna. Try fishing or canoe on one of the many lakes. Similarly, Hike and cycle in the vast forests or across the countryside. Above all, enjoy the simple pleasures of life and pick berries or mushrooms. In the summer season ( at the end of the month of July) you can pick strawberries (small wild and bigger cultivated) , wild raspberries, blueberries. The delicious cloudberry is not easy to access as it grows in the wetlands. In addition, the mushroom season starts in August.
Dalarna is a place for food lovers. For instance, you can ask (in advance) for a local meny at the small hotels. They offer a  variety of locally produced meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, cakes and desserts.

Local culture; fishing, hunting and forestry

Fishing, hunting, life on the lakes and forestry is part of the everyday life. This is why, we  work in partnership with many of the growing number of activity companies. For instance if your want to learn more about fishing and  small game hunting contact the Outdoor activity company Guidefathers .

Other  local companies are  www.greenowltravel.com and  www.trapperservice.se

The guide company Guidekullor

Guidekullor is happy to make an tailor-made offer for guiding  small and big groups.  Just contact us.”