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List of Villages in Sweden You need to Visit

List of villages in Sweden that are most interesting and worth visiting. 

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Author: michael Li , content contributor to GoNatureTrip


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Description: Enjoy the company of locals. The best way to get close to authentic Swedishness

Villages in Sweden to Visit on Your trip

There are many in Sweden that is worth to visit. However, that will take you months to see them all. Instead we came up with a list of villages in Sweden, with focus on Småland and Dalarna, that are most interesting and worth visiting.


Glassworks Målerås glassblowing factory

Målerås is a glassworks community. Just like many other villages in The Kingdom Of Crystal Målerås is a glass village. It is one of the 3 largest glass villages remaining, others being Orrefors and Kosta Boda. However, Målerås has developed over the years and now the village has all sorts of shops and activities. At the glassworks you can see glass blowing seven days a week and at the leather factory, you get to see and buy hand made leather products. There is great hiking in a unique landscape shaped by the inland ice during the ice age. This village has also become a hotsport for MTB cycling. Great gateway for cycling in Glasriket.


biochar sweden production idyll village

Ödevata Fiskecamp (Fishing Camp) is the center of Ödevata. The village got its name from the nearby lake, Ödevaten. Here you can fish, kayak, swim, enjoy the floating sauna on the lake, hike and experience outdoor cooking. The highlight is how sustainable they try to be. They started to invest biochar production and have the excess heat to heat up their B&B. There is also a aquaponics system that provides water to their farm. This is great place to spend some days. You can reach the other villages. Perhaps you have done your Swedish ancestry search and are keen to visit the places your ancestors left.  Rent a bike and explore.


Boda is a small glass village that is persevered well. The glassworks was established in 1864 and today, it is called The Glass Factory/Boda Glassworks. There are glass studios and a glass museum with wonderful exhibitions. Many glass artists has their studio here. As well as, their creations is one of a kind and you get to see the creation process at the museum. Also you can buy or make your own great souvenirs!


Långasjö church stables cafe hostel b&b sweden villages

Långasjö is a small community. Notably, it has a small Emigrant museum in Långasjö hostel and cafe (Vandrarhem), which used to be church stables. As well as a church containing the paintings by Elisabeth Bergstrand-Poulsen, a Swedish author and artist. You can also swim and fish in the lake or go hiking along the emigrant trail.


Madesjö is known for its church. The church has old church stables and a fantastic museum. It is known for the stories told by the staff working there. They can tell you many stories about Sweden and Swedish culture. The church is open during summer. If you happen to pass here, we suggest go into the church and listen to the stories told by the old ladies and gentlemen. Note: Unfortunately not all can speak English. There is a Hembygdsförening ( Local association to conserve history and heritage) you can contact to find out more about local cultural events.


Toresbo is an idyll with buildings being previously water-driven mills and saw mills. It is surrounded by forests with a small lake in the middle. It is one of the few idylls in Sweden that is preserved well. There isn’t much to do here, but you can bike through here to get a feeling of relaxed carefree living. There is also a nature reserve if you like to hike.


train exhibition cycling bike path

Eskilsryd is a typical railway area because of the construction of Emmaboda – Kalmar railway in 1874. There were post offices, shops, forges, etc. that provided services to the farmers and other residents in area during the construction. Today, it is a small idyll in the Småland forest. If you want to find out more about Sweden´s industrial history, Småland is a great place to start.


Örsjö is a bit larger village, it can be called a town. It was also developed because of Emmaboda – Kalmar railway construction. There are schools and some small industries. The unique hexagonal church from 1893 is definitely a highlight. The church was destroyed by an internal fire in 1974, but was rebuilt and re-opened in 1976.

Furudal Dalarna

Furudal is a village with a long history. For more information contact the local  guide network GuideKullor. They can assist you as well as guide you in and around the municipality of Rättvik with its many historical Swedish villages and sites. The region of the lake Siljan is a great place to find  outdoor activities and nature and culture sites. If you are interested in vintage  and fashion they can also help you.

In furudal you can try  delicious bread and pasty from the  local Swedish countryside bakery Snitths Hantverksbageri, buy hiking boots  from La Gunilla y sus Zapatos and go on a  guided hike in the old-growth forest by the industrial heritage site Furudal Bruk  (Ironworks).  Walk right into a wonderful world of a unique forest with a knowledgeable and friendly guide.

Hiking old-growth forest Dalarna